Conference programme

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(2011), "Conference programme", Journal of Management Development, Vol. 30 No. 7/8.



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Conference programme

Article Type: Conference programme From: Journal of Management Development, Volume 30, Issue 7/8

Papers in this issue were presented at the conference in Shangai: Practical wisdom for Management from the Chinese Classical Traditions, June 18-19, 2010, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai.

Friday, June 18, 2010

08.45 Welcome remarks: Dr Zhang Weijiong, Dean and Vice President, CEIBS.

08.50 Opening address: Dr Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Distinguished Professor of Globally Responsible Leadership, CEIBS.

09.00 Introduction: Dr Gilbert Lenssen, President, EABIS and Professor of Management, Leiden University.

09.10 “Keynote speech A: Confucianism and practical wisdom for the XXI century”.

09.50 - 09.51 “Keynote speech B: the relevance of Confucian ethical leadership to the modern Chinese firm” Dr Po-Keung IP, Professor, National Central University (Taiwan).

10.45 “Session 1 – Daoism and its relevance for management” Chairman: Dr Mike Thompson, CEO, Goodbrand (UK); Visiting Professor, CEIBS.S1A – “Taoism and its model of traits of successful leaders”, Dr Bai Xuezhu, Director of Research, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong.S1B – “Social responsibility and the Dao Te Ching”, Dr Weng Junyi, Professor and President, School of Management, Xiamen University

11.45 Session 2 – “Chinese ‘practical wisdom’ and ideologies: impaction on management”, Chairman: Dr Hellmut Schutte, Distinguished Professor of Management, European Chair for Global Governance and Sino-European Relations, CEIBS.S2A – “Theoretical foundations of Chinese wisdom management”, Dr Chung-Ying Cheng, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii (USA).S2B – “Traditional Chinese philosophical perspectives on business: the case of Yijing”, Dr Bent Nielsen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

14.15 Session 3 – “From the tradition to modern management practices”, Chairman: Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Distinguished Professor, CEIBS.S3A – “Practical wisdom from the marketplace.” Dr Morley Su, Vice President, Pacific Millennium.S3B – “Cultivating innovation and creativity in Chinese high-tech industry”, Dr Richard J. Li, Research Fellow, Accenture Institute for High Performance, Hong Ding, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa (Canada).;

15.15 Session 4 – “Learning from old traditions of leadership”, Chairman: Sam Lee, CEO, InnoCSR.S4A – “Structure and evolvement of leadership: a study based on the book of change”, Dr Jing Dong, Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Dr Yan-Nan Gou, Associate Professor of Public Administration, Fudan University.S4B – “True meaning of ‘harmonious leadership’: modern theory of the enterprise and the Confucius view”, Dr Fred Hu, Lecturer, East China University of Political Science and Law".;

16.30 “Roundtable: practical wisdom from China and its relevance today”, Chairman: Dr Rolf Cremer, Dean and Vice President, CEIBS, Panelists: Yang Hengda, Professor, Renmin University, Dr Daniel A. Bell, Professor, Tsinghua University, Siew Thiam Low, Chairman, Global Leadership Forum (Singapore).;

17.45 Summary of the day: Dr Gilbert Lenssen, President, EABIS.

Saturday June, 19, 2010

08.00 Session 5 – “Classical virtues, ideologies and current Chinese behavior”, Chairman: Dr Min Chen, Professor (on leave), Thunderbird School of Global Management. S5A – “Chinese hedonic values and the Chinese classical virtues: managing the tension”, Dr Mike Thompson, CEO, Goodbrand (UK); Visiting Professor, CEIBS. S5B – “Maoism vs Confucianism: competing ideological influences on modern Chinese business leaders”, Dr Paul McDonald, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand).

09.00 Session 6 – “Alternative forms of capital and traditional value”, Chair: Dr Sophie Chen, Lecturer of Management, CEIBS. S6A – “The transformation of tangible and intangible forms of capital and the success of ShanXi businessmen”, Dr Yi Hong Wang, Associate Professor, Graduate University of China Academy of Sciences. S6B – “A Confucian approach to well-being and social capital development”, Dr Juliet Roper, Associate Dean, Waikato Management School (New Zealand).

10.15 Session 7 – “Spirituality, wisdom and management education”, Chairman: Dr Xiao Zhixing, Associate Professor of Management, CEIBS. S7A – “Modern Chinese Buddhist spirituality and decision making”, Dr Foo Check Teck, Founder, Sun Tzu Art of War Institute and Honorary Chair, School of Management, University of St Andrews (UK). S7B – “How can we bring back the value of wisdom in management and management education?”, Jacylyn Shi, Research Associate.

11.15 “Roundtable: practical wisdom for management: learning from research and learning from experience”, Chairman: Gilbert Lenssen, President, EABIS. Panelists: Dr Li Tiangang, School of Philosophy, Fudan University, Dr Benoit Vermander, Associate Professor, Fudan University, Dr Foo Check Teck, Founder, Sun Tzu Art of War Institute and Honorary Chair, School of Management, University of St Andrews (UK), Dr Ted Roosevelt Malloch, Chairman and CEO, The Roosevelt Group, Dr Chen Min, Professor (on leave), Thunderbird.

12.30 Integration and conclusion: Henri-Claude de Bettignies and Gilbert Lenssen.

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