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(2011), "News", Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 1 No. 2.



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Article Type: News and reviews From: Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development, Volume 1, Issue 2.


Research/Lihir Cultural Heritage Program

This is focusing on the improvement of cultural heritage management of Lihir. The Lihir Islands (Papua New Guinea's New Ireland Province) have seen great change in their social and cultural heritage especially because of the ongoing large-scale gold mining operations. The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining carries out a research programme on aspects of Lihirian cultural heritage, in particular the transmission of intangible cultural heritage and the relationship between this heritage and the landscape. The aim is to facilitate Lihirian cultural heritage activities and to enable skills transfer during these activities, and gain a better understanding of the challenges to cultural heritage in the mining context.


Education/MRes Heritage Science

This is an interdisciplinary Master of Research programme by the UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage (UK), targeting research questions spanning the sciences and the arts. With an innovative approach to teaching of “hard” science subjects by taking cultural heritage as its context, this programme is aiming to develop a holistic understanding of state-of-the-art science among researchers and practitioners in order to develop science leaders of the future. Heritage science delivers intellectual access to cultural heritage by enhancing knowledge of conservation, interpretation, research and management. By engaging in interdisciplinary discourse with other researchers, and with a wider diverse public, the graduates will gain the ability to engage with policy makers.


ICCROM Training/Course on Conservation of Built Heritage 2010 (CBH12)

This aims at serving a wide range of conservation practitioners and decision makers by placing technical issues within the broader conservation context in order to link them to planning and management concerns. The participants are to gain a better understanding of critical processes, strategic planning and management and practices in conservation of the built heritage. The course consists of different parts, the first being an overview of the definitions heritage and conservation approaches. The second part will focus on planning and management issues and the third on technical issues. Note: a special module on “Sustainable Development and World Heritage” is included.



Network/25 new properties inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List

During the 35th Session of the World Heritage Committee, a total of 25 new properties were inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, including three natural, e.g. the Ogasawara Islands (Japan), 21 cultural, e.g. The Persian Garden (Iran) and one mixed property, e.g. Wadi Rum Protected Area (Jordan). The Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve (Honduras) and the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra (Indonesia) were added to the List of World Heritage in Danger, and the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India) was the only property removed from this danger list. The World Heritage List now numbers 936 properties: 183 natural, 725 cultural and 28 mixed heritage properties.


Network/European heritage label

The European Commission (EC) unveiled its proposal for the European Heritage Label in March last year (IP/10/250). This European Heritage Label will highlight sites that celebrate the history and development of the European Union. The EC adopted the proposal to establish a European Heritage Label to strengthen “European citizens’ sense of belonging to the European Union, based on shared elements of history and heritage, as well as an appreciation of diversity, and to strengthen intercultural dialogue”, and to “enhance the value and profile of sites which have played a key role in the history and the building of the European Union” (EC, 2010). The list currently includes 64 sites (EC, 2010).


Awards/European Union prize for cultural heritage – Europa Nostra awards 2011

This European Union Prize for cultural heritage celebrates excellence in cultural heritage conservation, ranging from object to landscape as well as care for art collections, e.g. the tapestries of Pastrana, Guadalajara (Spain) and the Hackfall Woodland Garden, Grewelthorpe (UK). It also highlights best practices in research such as the study of all buildings located in the buffer zone of the Walled City of Nicosia (Cyprus), the dedicated service to heritage conservation by individuals or organisations like the Bond Heemschut (the Netherlands) and projects for education, training and awareness, e.g. the project “Heart for People's Cafés” in Flanders (Belgium). The awards are supported by the EC in the framework of the Culture Programme.


Upcoming Events

8-12 November. Manila, The Philippines

Inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage

Organised by the Asian Academy for Heritage Management


22-25 November. Sintra, Portugal

World Heritage Cities and climate change: the XI World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities

Organised by the local government of Sintra, Organization of World Heritage Cities, Getty Conservation Institute and UNESCO World Heritage Centre


27 November-2 December. Paris, France

17th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium “Heritage, driver of development”

Organised by ICOMOS France


6-7 December. Penang, Malaysia

5th International Conference and Workshop on Built Environment in Developing Countries

Orgawd by School of Housing, Building and Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in collaboration with the School of Natural and Built Environments, University of South Australia


6-8 December. Dunedin, New Zealand

Leisure and heritage – the material and the immaterial: Australian New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies Biennial Conference

Organised by Australian New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies


14-16 December. Vasa, Finland

Future of the World Heritage Convention – a nordic perspective: the Second International WHILD Conference on the World Heritage Research

Organised by Åbo Akademi University in Vasa


23-25 January. Cape Town, South Africa

Delivering Value to the Community. International Conference on Facilities Management, Procurement Systems and Public Private Partnership

Organised by CIB W070 and W092 Working Commissions, CIB TG72 Task Group and the Department of Construction Economics and Management, University of Cape Town, South Africa


5-8 February. Perth, Western Australia

Urban Transformations: Booms, Busts and Other Catastrophes: The 11th Australasian Urban History/Planning History Conference

Organised by University of Western Australia, State Library of Western Australia


3-5 March. Penang, Malaysia

Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design Intervention: Reaching Out to the Bottom Billion

Organised by School of Housing, Building and Planning, USM


7-9 May. Ancona, Italy

Sustainable city 2012: 7th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability

Organised by Wessex Institute of Technology, UK and Marche Polytechnic University, Italy


8-11 May. Albuquerque, USA

AIC's 40th Annual Meeting on Connecting to Conservation: Outreach and Advocacy

Organised by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)


31 May-3 June. Brussels, Belgium

European Architectural History Network Second International Meeting

Organised by European Architectural History Network


5-8 June. Gothenburg, Sweden

Association of Critical Heritage Studies, Inaugural Conference

Organised by the Association of Critical Heritage Studies in association with the International Journal of Heritage Studies


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