iRobot Ava – an app ready mobile robot

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Pransky, J. (2012), "iRobot Ava – an app ready mobile robot", Industrial Robot, Vol. 39 No. 3.



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iRobot Ava – an app ready mobile robot

Article Type: New products From: Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 39, Issue 3

Unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), iRobot Ava (Figure 6) is a versatile, ground-breaking mobile robotics development platform in the early stages of commercialization.

 Figure 6 iRobot AVA mobile robotics development platform

Figure 6 iRobot AVA mobile robotics development platform

Developed with safe and practical technologies for the real world, the 40-lb Ava features an advanced sensor suite for complete autonomous point-to-point navigation that includes a scanning laser, ultrasonic transducers, contact bumpers, cliff sensors, and two PrimeSense sensors (the same 3D sensors used in the Xbox Kinect) to build a three-dimensional map of its environment. With its holonomic base and omnidirectional wheels, Ava can dynamically move in any direction and up to 2 m/s. Also located in the tripod base is its 6-h life battery which charges autonomously.

Ava’s torso can adjust the vertical height on its telescopic mast from 3 to 5 feet, automatically or via user-touch to the head bumper. At the top is its “Agnostic Head”, a tilting and pivoting mount which can be used with diverse displays, tablets, pad, or phones, for local or remote use.

This is what makes Ava revolutionary – with Ava’s 3-D location and mapping abilities (using SLAM technology) and the programming ease-of-use – autonomous mobility is now added to an iPad or android-based tablet.

Ava supports a wide range of applications and accessories. The user interface options include touch sensitive “skins” for local control, voice (both speech recognition and text-to-speech), gesture, person-following, or devices. Ava offers WiFi/3G/4G cellular, Bluetooth, RF, and IR-connectivity options. The software supports open APIs using iRobot’s Aware2 Intelligence Software Developers Kit, and HTTP.

The initial AVA prototypes are targeted for robot designers, application developers, and market innovation specialists who can develop and launch complete solutions. The market potential seems vast for the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, enterprise collaboration and consumer sectors.

Telepresence may represent the largest application for remote: caregiver support, homecare, collaborative work, factory inspection, security, education, and expert consultations.

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Joanne Pransky

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