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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 38, Issue 5

Humanistic roboticswww.humanisticrobotics.com/

With the tagline of “Industrial Design for a Mine Free World”, humanistic robotics has developed a lightweight and inexpensive technology for minefield clearance called the, Specialized Compact Automated Manual deminer replacement Platform (SCAMP).

Humanistic robotics’ succinct and creative web site provides an overall introduction to its technology and company, and presents an impressive board of advisors.

QinetiQ North Americawww.qinetiq-na.com

With $1.3 billion in annual revenues, 6,100 employees, and more than 4,000 patents, QinetiQ North America delivers world-class technology, responsive services, and innovative solutions for global markets, focusing on US Government and commercial customers.

QinetiQ’s comprehensive web site provides detailed information on its capabilities, applications, and products, which include a link to its unmanned Systems, robotic technology solutions that save lives in defense, security and first responder environments.

QinetiQ North America’s best-known robot is TALON® and since TALON’s initial deployment in 2000, has gone on to include small, medium and large unmanned vehicles that can be configured for specific tasks, such as IED defeat, CBRNE/hazmat identification, reconnaissance, combat engineering support and SWAT/MP unit assistance. QinetiQ’s robots and unmanned vehicles were sent into the Fukushima nuclear reactor site in 2011.

The Australian Centre for Field Roboticswww.acfr.usyd.edu.au

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), based in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney, is dedicated to the research, development, application and dissemination of field robotics principles.

ACFR’s web site focuses on: the research of autonomous systems in perception, control, learning, and systems; projects including those in the areas of defence, aerospace, and subsea; clients and partnerships which consist of several Australian Centres in mining and autonomous systems; education, and publications.

iRobot Government and Industrial robotswww.irobot.com/gi/

The US publicly traded iRobot Corporation, one of the world’s top robot companies, is a 21-year old company that has built some of the world’s most important robots for the home and battlefield. iRobot’s equally impressive, state-of-the-art web site reflects its main divisions.

The government and industrial (GI) robots pages contain comprehensive material on its ground robots – the 510 Packbot, one of the most successful battletested robots in the world; the SUGV; 710 Warrior; the 210 Negotiator, and its latest product, the 110 FirstLook, a small, light, throwable robot that provides hasty situational awareness, performs persistent observation and investigates confined spaces – and its Maritime Robots – the 1KA Seaglider, 15A Ranger, and the Transphibian, a fin-powered vehicle that is both a UUV and a bottom crawler.

The robots in the GI pages contain links to product details, specs, videos and image galleries, accessories, and quote request. There are also web pages for iRobot’s GI research and developers.

Contineo Roboticswww.contineo-robotics.com/

Contineo Robotics is a research and development company focused on commercializing advanced technology based, dexterous manipulation solutions for the first responder and military explosive ordnance disposal markets.

Contineo’s informative web site, complete with videos throughout, offers data on its scalable and compliant Two and Three Jaw Gripper Solutions, low-cost anthropomorphic multi-grasp manipulator, and high-dexterity hand.

Additional links comprise the company’s highly recognized experience; partners; and media.

Boston Dynamicswww.bostondynamics.com/

Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots, using sensor-based controls and computation to unlock the capabilities of complex mechanisms, with remarkable behavior in mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.

This 20-year old company creates a variety of innovative robots, summarized on its web site, that include BigDog, a quadruped robot for travel on rough terrain; PETMAN, an anthropomorphic robot for testing equipment; RiSE, a robot that climbs vertical surfaces; SquishBot, a shape-changing chemical robot that moves through tight space, and many others.

Watching the videos of these world-class and unique robots in action is highly suggested, as already witnessed by nearly 500,000 viewers.

Northrop Grumman’s Remotecwww.is.northropgrumman.com/by_solution/remote_platforms/index.html

Remotec was founded in 1980 to provide remote handling consultation to the nuclear industry, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In 1986, Remotec purchased the Andros technology of unmanned ground vehicles and expanded its competencies to include hazardous duty robotics outside of the nuclear field. Today, with offices in the USA and the UK, Remotec is a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, and has deployed more than 1,000 Andros robots globally.

Information on Remotec is found on Northrop Grumman’s web site under the solutions link for robotic platforms and sub-systems. The pages highlight preliminary information on the Andros fleet, which are used for EOD, first responders, Hazmat, Law Enforcement/SWAT, and Military applications.


Prior to entering ReconRobotics web site, the user is shown an intro video on the Recon Scout IR, the world’s first throwable, mobile reconnaissance robot with the capability of seeing in complete darkness, being used in real-time by a SWAT team. More videos and photos are available directly on the homepage.

This dynamic site provides thorough links on its: products, various models of the tactical, micro Recon Scout Throwbot, whose slogan is Know Before You Go®; use for the Military; International use; Company profile; as well as a tab of “Swat Profiles”.

OC Roboticswww.ocrobotics.com

OC Robotics of Bristol, UK, has launched a new web site which includes a free download to their snake-arm simulator software, the industry-standard software used to simulate, analyze, specify and plan the deployment of snake-arm robots for confined spaces.

The intuitive snake-arm simulator is a powerful and invaluable testing and analysis tool that can be used even by someone with no experience. A short user-guide video and online instructions are available to assist with the basics – snake-arm and environment selection, moving the camera, and driving the snake. The advanced user will enjoy moving the snake in Cartesian mode. Though not required, the Snake-Arm Simulator supports XBox joypads and Thrustmaster joypads.

The rest of OC Robotics’ sophisticated web site features information on this award-winning company, its innovative snake-arm robot technology, applications and solutions, products and services, and news.

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IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology – www.ieeessit.org/

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International – www.auvsi.org

International Advanced Robotics Programme – www.nsf.gov/eng/roboticsorg/index.htm

Robotics Technology Consortium – www.roboticstechc.org/

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