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Payne, A. (2008), "Web sites", Industrial Robot, Vol. 35 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/ir.2008.04935cag.001



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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 35, Issue 3.

Mobile Robots, Incwww.mobilerobots.com

This is the corporate web site for the company Mobile Robots Inc. The company designs and manufactures intelligent mobile bases, autonomous navigation systems and software for robot developers and programmers.

The web site includes a variety of related material to mobile robotics, including the latest mobile robot news and blogs page. The site includes downloadable jpegs of mobile robot types, as well as full product lists, images, specifications and applications.

The site has a dedicated portal for users groups and members of the research community. There are also links to other websites of interest.

Arrick Robotswww.arrickrobotics.com

Arrick Robotics is a small company based in Tyler, Texas which specialises in the design and build of mobile robots.

The web site has an “information central”; a hub of information related to the topic of mobile robotics and links to various related web sites, including specialist universities. There is an online gallery for enthusiasts and researchers to post images of their latest creations. A mechanical parts source list provides a useful point of information for those sourcing materials. A database of robotics clubs allows users seek likeminded communities. And, as well as a news page, the site includes a list of frequently asked questions relating to mobile robots.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratorywww-robotics.jpl.nasa.gov

This is the web site for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The JPL consists of 100 engineers working on all aspects of robotics for space exploration and related terrestrial applications. They write autonomy software that drives rovers on Mars, and operations software to monitor and control them from Earth. They do the same for their instrument-placement and sampling arms, and are developing new systems with many limbs for walking and climbing.

This extensive web site hosts a wealth of related information. Site visitors can view recent publications, view a gallery of images and watch downloadable videos of their robotics in action. The site includes a news page which details latest developments in the field.

Information on current research projects, people and groups, applications and their specialist flight projects can all be accessed.

Vision and Robotics Research: University of Rochesterwww.cs.rochester.edu/research/robotics.html

This is the academic web site for Vision and Robotics Research at the University of Rochester. Research in robotics and vision at UR spans a wide range of topics and applications, however one unifying aspect of the various projects is the focus on techniques requiring no or little calibration and thus are suitable to use in natural everyday environments.

The web site includes a wealth of information on the university's current research projects, including product images and video demonstrations. The site has related links to the world of mobile robotics, and includes upcoming seminar dates.

Applied AI Systems, Incwww.aai.ca

This is the corporate web site for Applied AI Systems, Inc. The company develops artificial intelligence systems with “real world applications.”

The web site details a wealth of information on current research interests, including numerous technical papers available for download. Visitors can download research videos to watch some of the latest developments in action.

The site also includes details of forthcoming conferences relating to the world of mobile robotics and artificial intelligence.

PIAP Industrial Research for Automation and Measuringwww.piap.eu/index.php

This is the corporate web site for PIAP Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements. PIAP manufactures mobile pyrotechnical robots designed to inspect and neutralize dangerous charges.

The web site contains a list of recent news, forthcoming exhibitions and events relating to their subject field. Site visitors can watch movies of the products in action, as well as accessing a library of images and detailed product information and applications.

Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Labwww.cc.gatech.edu/ai/robot-lab

This is the academic web site for the Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Lab. The Mobile Robot Laboratory's charter is to discover and develop fundamental scientific principles and practices that are applicable to intelligent mobile robot systems.

The site includes research information and related publications. As well as details of recent projects, user can view a photo gallery of the various robotic applications. The site includes useful weblinks to related mobile robotics resources.

Mobile Robotics Lab at McGill Universitywww.cim.mcgill.ca/~mrl

This web site is the home of the Mobile Robotics Lab at McGill University. The activities of the group relate to sensor- based robotics and the use and understanding of sensor data.

The web site includes an array of information on past research projects as well as their current studies. Included on the web site are software download pages, data download, and MRL Lab Movies, watching some of their many projects in action. The site includes a list of web links to related sites of interest.

Oxford Mobile Robotics Groupwww.robots.ox.ac.uk/mobile/ MRGWebsite/indexPMN.htm

This web site is home to the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group. The MRG is concerned with the information engineering aspects of mobile robotics, in particular autonomous navigation in unstructured environments.

The web site includes various images of the team's projects, including downloadable videos of the robots in action. There are numerous research papers on the subject available for general access. The site also includes a software download page.

Mobile Robotics Groupwww.mobileroboticsgroup.com

This is the home page for the Mobile Robotics Group. This informal site has been created by various people working in or with close affinity to the subject of mobile robotics. They are involved in various robotic competition as well as projects for undergraduates and research. Their main aim is to be a platform for those who are interested in this area, sharing their knowledge and skill.

The site includes various forums for users to chat and share ideas. A news page details latest developments in the subject area, and a list of upcoming event is made available. The site includes details of current work, past projects, and also links to various useful resources on the subject.

Anna Payne

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