Aerotech demonstrate real time Ethernet/IP synchronisation and engineered systems capability

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 2 May 2008



(2008), "Aerotech demonstrate real time Ethernet/IP synchronisation and engineered systems capability", Industrial Robot, Vol. 35 No. 3.



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Aerotech demonstrate real time Ethernet/IP synchronisation and engineered systems capability

Article Type: New products From: Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 35, Issue 3.

  • Real-time Ethernet intelligent drive range offers tightly synchronised multi-axis motion and machine control.

  • Aerotech's “Probot” demonstrates its capability for engineered application solutions.

Aerotech Limited has demonstrated its “Probot” automated multi-axis pick and place system combining direct drive and ball screw driven linear stages, tightly synchronised by a distributed network of Ensemblee panel-mounted intelligent drives and communicating with an Allen Bradley PLC using an Ethernet/IP network (Figure 1).

Showing Aerotech's engineered systems capability to the full, the complete 7-axis system includes a 3- jaw gripper, the machine base with enclosure and full cable management.

Figure 1 The Probot by Aerotech Limited

Aerotech's Ensemblee CP/MP/CL multitasking, DSP equipped, intelligent servo drives feature deterministic real time Ethernet networking for up to ten axes allowing tightly synchronised motion and machine control with microsecond level interpolation. The multi-tasking controller architecture provides point-to-point motion, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing, and velocity profiling. A wide choice of programming languages includes Aerotech's own AeroBASICe Microsoft.NET, C++ LabVIEWw over Ethernet and many more.

The Ensemble CP/MP/CL range comprises 10, 20 and 30A peak current, panel mount intelligent drives available in direct-online and separately powered versions. Drive technologies include 20kHz PWM amplifier stages for brushed or brushless servomotors and stepper motors or linear amplifiers for ultra-high precision/low-noise applications. Also available is the Ensemble Epaq range with the same amplifier and controller specifications but with rack-based options suitable for multi-axis configuration in 19in. desktop or cabinet mounting alternatives.

The Probot features Aerotech's new low-cost ATS115 and ATS165 range of medium precision positioning stages with linear motion guide bearings, precision ball screws and durable hard cover/side- seal protection. These high-performance servo motor driven stages have nominal widths of 115 or 165mm with a travel range from 50 to 600mm. Maximum speeds are up to 300mm/s and bi- directional repeatability is to +/21.0mm per-axis. The ATS range is ideal for Cartesian robot configuration offering long and trouble-free use in medium duty manufacturing and test applications.

Also featured on the demo are Aerotech's LMA series linear motor driven, dual-carriage stages which offer micron level positioning accuracy with speeds up to 5m/s, 5g acceleration performance and a travel range to 1.5m. These stages offer exceptionally long life and low maintenance for high- throughput/high-precision pick and place machines, automated test stations and assembly equipment.

Aerotech will also be exhibiting a selection of linear and rotary positioning mechanics along with motion and machine controls demonstrating its extensive capability as an engineered motion and mechatronics systems designer and manufacturer.

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