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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




Rigelsford, J. (2004), "Catheterisation", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 6.



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Keywords: Patents, Medical robotics

Applicant: Navicath Ltd, USAPatent number: US6,726,675Publication date: 27 April 2004Title: Remote control catheterisation

An apparatus and method for remote intravascular catheterisation is described. The apparatus provides a mechanism for remote control performance of catheterisation procedures, and allows medical personnel to be distanced from the vicinity of the fluoroscope and its resultant radiation, thereby reducing radiation exposure of the personnel.

The invention comprises: a remote control catheterisation system that includes a propelling device, which controllably inserts a flexible, elongate probe into the body of a patient. A control console communicates with the propelling device, allows the user to operate the system and control insertion of the probe into the body by the propelling device.

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