Güdel launches heavy duty RoboFlex 6-axis workhandling system

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 1 October 2004




(2004), "Güdel launches heavy duty RoboFlex 6-axis workhandling system", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 5. https://doi.org/10.1108/ir.2004.04931ead.001



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Güdel launches heavy duty RoboFlex 6-axis workhandling system

Güdel launches heavy duty RoboFlex 6-axis workhandling system

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A new, heavy-duty version of its RoboFlex parts handling and manipulation system has been introduced by Güdel Lineartec (Plate 1).

With four times the load carrying capacity of standard RoboFlex units, the latest model enables workpiece grippers and operating heads weighing up to 100 kg to be located and oriented precisely in any axis.

Plate 1 RoboFlex offers the ultimate in handling flexibility by combining the versatility of a 5-axis industrial robot with the precision of an advanced, single axis gantry module

RoboFlex units offer the ultimate in component handling flexibility by combining the versatility of a five-axis industrial robot with the precision of an advanced, single axis gantry module. When used as an overhead mounted system, RoboFlex requires minimal floor space and ceiling clearance, making it the ideal choice for automatic loading and unloading of machining cells, multi-stage production processes and press work handling – particularly in restricted access locations. It is equally suitable for welding operations, the precise application of adhesives and sealants or further in-process assembly processes.

Unlike other linear-based systems, RoboFlex eliminates the need for precise alignment of machine tools, process stations or component feed units. Installation time and costs can therefore be minimised, and the subsequent addition or replacement of equipment simplified. The system also enables guarding to be rationalised at each work station and individual machines within assembly lines to be isolated for repair or routine maintenance, without disrupting production. It also provides the flexibility to allow parallel operation of designated machines within the installation, for prototyping work or to prove out new products and processes.

Rapid component transfer is achieved through the system's low mass and inertia. Both 100 and 25 kg payload versions provide traverse speeds of more than 2 m/s over extended linear runs and incorporate servo motor control for smooth acceleration and deceleration. In addition, high precision rack and pinion drives and worm gearboxes – along with hardened and ground guideways – ensure pinpoint accuracy and repeatability of better than ±0.l mm.

RoboFlex features industry-standard ABB “S4C Plus” or KUKA KRC2 controls, which provide fast and intuitive programming, as well as operator- guided “self teach” cycles. The system can be easily programmed to allow parts to be tracked and placed on moving conveyors or automatically stacked in workpiece pallets. Furthermore, RoboFlex can be configured to create and manage interoperational buffer stocks, if required.

Multiple robot carriages can be mounted on the single linear beam to provide fully integrated complex workhandling solutions, while the system's modular design permits installations to be revised or extended at any time to meet changing operational requirements.

RoboFlex is manufactured in-house to rigorous ISO9001 quality standards and can be supplied in a wide variety of materials and protective coatings to combat the most aggressive operating environments. Systems can also incorporate automatic lubrication of rails, rollers, drive pinions and racks to ensure trouble-free operation and low-maintenance at ambient temperatures down to -22°C.

For further information, visit Güdel UK's Web site: www.gudel.com

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