“Shrink-wrapped” Gantry Robots provide best of both worlds

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 1 August 2004




(2004), "“Shrink-wrapped” Gantry Robots provide best of both worlds", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/ir.2004.04931daf.004



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“Shrink-wrapped” Gantry Robots provide best of both worlds

“Shrink-wrapped” Gantry Robots provide best of both worlds

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Güdel UK's latest range of stand-alone Gantry Robot units – equipped with ABB S4C Plus or KUKA KR C2 controls – combine the proven capabilities of the company's multi-axis gantry handling modules with the operational flexibility and versatility of industry-standard robot programming systems (Plate 3).

Plate 3 One of Güdel UK's latest range of stand-alone Gantry Robot units

The new Gantry Robots provide a reliable and cost-effective method of locating and manipulating components at high speed in up to five axes, with extreme positional accuracy and repeatability. They are supplied ready for customer installation and commissioning, and are ideal for integrating with other production or component manipulation systems as part of high speed manufacturing facilities. They are therefore particularly suitable for close tolerance manufacturing processes – such as welding, profile cutting or sealant application processes, as well as complex inter-operational work handling or assembly tasks.

System integration companies will find Güdel's gantry robots ideal for incorporating into automated cells or production lines. Equally, the new units offer existing ABB or KUKA equipment users an attractive alternative – by providing total control system compatibility, minimal installation times and no requirement for additional training.

The system's hand-held controllers feature simple commands and an operator-guided “self-teach” facility; enabling installations to be tailored precisely to customer requirements, or easily re-programmed to meet changing operational demands.

Güdel Gantry Robots are manufactured to rigorous ISO9001 quality standards, using modular design principles. They incorporate standard guideways, motors and drives and can be specified in a number of configurations with load carrying capabilities up to 3 tonnes as standard.

Units can also be supplied in a wide variety of materials and protective coatings to combat the most aggressive operating environments. In addition, automatic lubrication of rails, rollers, drive pinions and racks ensures trouble-free operation and low-maintenance at both high temperature and sub-zero ambient conditions.

For further information, contact: Gary Ottley at Güdel UK Ltd. Tel: 024 7669 5444 or see Güdel UK's Web site: www.gudel.com

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