Sheet metal welding

Industrial Robot

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Rigelsford, J. (2004), "Sheet metal welding", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 3.



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Sheet metal welding

Sheet metal welding

Keywords: Patents, Robots, Welding

Applicant: Thyssenkrupp Technologies AG, GermanyPatent number: US6,525,294Publication date: 25 February 2003Title: Device for Clamping and Welding Pieces of Sheet Metal

Preparing a weld seam of several centimeters is problematic in the case of a moving clamping tool because displacement may occur between the components. This patent described a device for use in automobile manufacturing for clamping and welding sheet metal plates. According to the invention, a bracket is fastened to a mounting flange of a robot arm, whereby, the bracket comprises a clamping tool and a welding head. An energy beam of the welding head is directed into the welding gap between the plates. The bracket and/or the welding head is movable in a linear guide by means of the mounting flange in relation to the clamping tool corresponding to the course of the weld seam. Stop elements are arranged on the clamping tool for positioning the plates in relation to one another and/or to the welding head for detecting the position of the edges of at least one of the plates. A locking device may be provided to prevent relative movement between the bracket and the clamping tool.

Jon Rigelsford

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