Robot manipulator

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 1 June 2004




Rigelsford, J. (2004), "Robot manipulator", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 3.



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Robot manipulator

Robot manipulator

Keywords: Patents, Robots, Manipulators

Applicant: Jean-Pierre Solignac, FrancePatent number: US6,676,363Publication date: 13 January 2004Title: Manipulator Robot and Installation Comprising Same

This patent describes a conveyor robot for the manipulation and transport of an object along a specified path. It is an aim of the invention to provide a manipulator robot having excellent efficiency, a simplified design and a low cost. The robot comprises a manipulating arm affixed to a hub by axial tapping so that the hub engages a threaded part of a driving shaft. The hub and driving shaft are coupled with output shaft of motor controlled by a command and control unit. A braking gear linked to the hub and the driving shaft ensures that the hub is locked with respect to the driving shaft as long as the moment of resistance exerted on the hub is less than a predetermined value. The gear enables the rotation of either the hub or shaft with respect to the other when the moment is equal to a set value. A mechanism for rotation locking, capable of being activated by the command and control unit, is further provided to lock rotation of the hub and the arm. When the mechanism for rotation locking is activated to block the hub and or the arm, then the arm is capable of being vertically translated by activating the motor.

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