Filtertechnik provides low-cost remote equipment monitoring

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(2004), "Filtertechnik provides low-cost remote equipment monitoring", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 56 No. 5.



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Filtertechnik provides low-cost remote equipment monitoring

Filtertechnik provides low-cost remote equipment monitoring

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Filtertechnik, the filtration division of Hydrotechnik, has developed a GSM telemetry option for its proven PC9000 online particle counter. Capable of transmitting live oil cleanliness levels via GSM text alert, the system brings affordable remote machine monitoring to a broad range of industry sectors and applications.

Oil contamination is a major cause of machine downtime and catastrophic equipment failure. Yet by monitoring oil cleanliness, it is possible to identify and rectify machine faults before they occur and to extend the life of engine and hydraulic oils for lower operating costs.

Against this background, Filtertechnik has unveiled a new GSM telemetry option for its field proven PC9000 online particle counter (Plate 2). This new system transmits live cleanliness levels to engineers via GSM text alert, e-mail or both.

Launched in January 2003, the PC9000 online particle counter allows users to view and capture precise fluid cleanliness levels using ISO particle classifications that are displayed at 4, 6, 14 and 21 mm.

Plate 2 Filtertechnik GSM telemetry option on the PC9000 online particle counter

The new GSM telemetry system takes this a stage further. It can be set by the equipment owner or operator to raise an alarm when certain contamination levels are reached. These settings can also be programmed or reset remotely while alarm messages are logged on a central server for data tracking and trend monitoring purposes.

The system can also provide precise contamination levels at any time merely by sending a text message to the unit. The telemetry system then responds with the current, live data.

The new system is ideally suited to a wide range of industry sectors and applications including the monitoring of remote or inaccessible equipment or mobile plant and equipment working regionally, nationally or even internationally.

In line with the proven PC9000, the new system is rugged and has been field trialled across a range of demanding environments. The company reports that the only operating requirements are a hydraulic or lubrication system, a GSM Vodafone or 02 service and a mobile phone or computer to receive GSM text or e-mails.

The package is competitively priced and can be purchased outright or leased through Filertechnik's low-cost finance plan. The cost of the system includes full installation supervision and training and a 3-month onsite support service.

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