Mazak relies on castrol for machining, proving, first-fill and shipping

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(2004), "Mazak relies on castrol for machining, proving, first-fill and shipping", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 56 No. 4.



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Mazak relies on castrol for machining, proving, first-fill and shipping

Mazak relies on castrol for machining, proving, first-fill and shipping

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At its European headquarters and manufacturing facility in Worcester, Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce components for its world-renowned Mazak range of multi-function turning machines, CNC lathes and machining centres (Plate 1).

Naturally the company uses its own machines and has, for the past 8 years, also specified a range of Castrol products for a variety of applications in its machine shop, technology centre and shipping department, and as first-fill in every machine sold.

Plate 1 One of Mazak's multi-function turning machines

The machine shop, which produces most of the components for Mazak machine tools, mainly from cast iron and steel, employs 58 people and runs 27 machine tools including machining centres, multi-function turning machines and grinding machines.

Commenting on the relationship with Castrol, Machine Shop Manager Richard Austin explains: “We changed from our previous supplier because we were experiencing problems with the coolant, which in turn caused problems with the centralised coolant delivery system that feeds our two FMS lines. We reviewed a number of suppliers before switching to Castrol Almaredge, which solved the problem and doubled coolant life.”

Castrol is now responsible for maintaining the 27,000l of coolant in the centralised system, which includes taking weekly laboratory samples for analysis.

Richard Austin says: “Castrol's analysis is very comprehensive, covering coolant concentration, pH, tramp oil content and biocide and bacterial levels. Castrol also recommends actions to maintain the coolant in peak condition, extend coolant life, control bacterial and fungai activity, and ensure the health and safety of operators”.

Yamazaki operators look after stand alone machines, with Castrol managing stocks of all coolants, hydraulic oils, machine tool spindle oils and various other oils and machine system cleaners.

Yamazaki is so happy with performance of the coolants in its own machine shop that it recommends Castrol coolants and lubricants to its customers and uses Castrol as first-fill in all machines manufactured in Worcester. Castrol coolants and lubricants are also used in the Yamazaki Technology Centre for machine demonstrations and when components are programmed for customers and “proved-out” on Mazak machine tools.

When new machines are shipped to customers they are also protected by Castrol, as shipping Team Leader Dave Jones explains. “Every machine we deliver has its bare-metal surfaces sprayed with a corrosion preventative to protect it during transit, which could take 2 or 3 months. We previously used a solvent that left a waxy deposit, but customers complained that it was very difficult to remove and, if left on the machine, caused odour problems when it was running. It also smelled pretty badly when we were applying it!” After testing a number of alternatives, including greases, Yamazaki decided on Castrol Tarp, which is applied with dedicated spray equipment, also supplied by Castrol. Dave Jones reports that it is completely non-toxic and very easy to apply. “But what's more important”, he says, “is that it's so much easier for customers to remove, they just wipe it off, and even if it's left on it doesn't cause problems or odours when the machine is running”.

Summing up the relationship, Richard Austin says: “Castrol lubricants make an important contribution to our business and to every Mazak machine that leaves the factory in Worcester”.

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