New polymer bearing service

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

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(2000), "New polymer bearing service", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 52 No. 4.



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New polymer bearing service

New polymer bearing service

Keywords: Polymers, Injection moulding

Glacier has introduced a new service that offers designers an extensive range of alternative injection moulded thermoplastic bearing solutions for high volume applications. Complex, multi-functional, multi-material components are produced economically to high dimensional accuracy in materials formulated to meet specific application requirements. This offers significant cost savings by eliminating assembly and machining costs.

Many polymers exhibit excellent mechanical properties, although, in themselves, they lack bearing properties. By modifying these with appropriate low friction and low wear additives, many can also be given good bearing properties. As polymer and moulding technologies have developed, complex, multi-material components complete with bearing surfaces and lip seals are now viable.

A typical example is a spherical bush for a commercial vehicle transmission system (Plate 5). Axial and circumferential grease distribution grooves are moulded into the bush bore together with a relubrication boss on the outer surface. Lip seals, required to maintain the lubricant within the bearing bore and prevent the ingress of dirt, may be moulded into the component. The result is a single, lightweight component at reduced cost.

Plate 5Glacier produces this spherical bush for a commerical vehicle transmission system

Although best known for its range of polymer bearings with metallic backing, Glacier has been at the forefront of solid polymer bearing technology. Solid polymer bushes, both plain and flanged have been offered in various polymers for many years for medium and light duty applications. For example, injection moulded Glacier EP bushes based on polyamide with glass fibre for additional strength and stability plus PTFE and graphite fillers for low friction and wear are to be found in numerous light duty applications.

Glacier's latest publication entitled Engineered Polymer Bearings demonstrates how the innovative use of polymers and moulding technology provides alternative components, often with improved performance and lower cost.

For further information contact: Jan Hay, Glacier Industrial Bearings. Tel: +44 (0) 1563 539999.

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