Fill and forget gearbox oil systems

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Fill and forget gearbox oil systems", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 52 No. 2.



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Fill and forget gearbox oil systems

Fill and forget gearbox oil systems

Keywords: Gearboxes, Oils

A new Reactive Gearbox Lubrication System - capable of automatically topping-up reduced oil levels during continuous solid/liquid separation processes - has been designed and developed by Thomas Broadbent as an optional extra to its complete range of centrifuge gearboxes (see Figure 1). Operating on the "fill and forget" principle, these systems are available in three standard sizes for use across the full range of 28 Broadbent gear boxes, allowing them to function with minimal internal pressure. They are extremely simple to fill and completely eliminate the need for precise measuring of oil. Over-fill is impossible!

Figure 1The new reactive gearbox lubrication system, designed and developed by Thomas Broadbent

During continuous processing operations, it is imperative that a centrifuge does not have to be shut down due to reduced oil levels or leakages from the gearbox. Too little oil can cause costly damage to the gear wheels, whilst overfill tends to produce high-pressure levels which can blow the oil seals - serious problems which result in inconvenience and expensive production downtime. The new Broadbent Reactive Gearbox Lubrication Systems address such problems by automatically ensuring that gearbox oil is always maintained at the optimum level - even if the centrifuge has not been adequately serviced. Trevor Heley, Chief Mechanical Engineer of Broadbent's Industrial Process Division, sees the new system as a positive step in ensuring problem-free processing: "Although fixed fill gearboxes operate satisfactorily most of the time, we have been actively looking to eliminate the potential adverse effects of high pressure damage caused by incorrect filling or inadvertent lack of appropriate maintenance", says Trevor. "The new system should provide complete 'peace of mind' for both the centrifuge operator and process manager." The volume of oil within the gear unit can be checked at all times by means of a sight gauge installed in the side of the reservoir, whilst samples can be taken via a drain valve to establish condition and cleanliness. If required, an "insufficient oil" alarm can be fitted to inform the operator that the unit is actively responding to gearbox requirements. Units are supplied as optional extras with all Broadbent centrifuges and can be easily retrofitted to existing installations.

For more information contact Trevor Heley. Tel: +44 (0) 1484 4221111.

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