IFTS module tests filters to new international standards

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

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Article publication date: 1 February 2000




(2000), "IFTS module tests filters to new international standards", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 52 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/ilt.2000.01852aad.007



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IFTS module tests filters to new international standards

IFTS module tests filters to new international standards

Keywords: Standards, Filter

French company IFTS has developed a new measurement module for the testing of all types of liquid filter. It has been especially designed to assist in the implementation of the new international standard ISO 11943 where on-line particle counters are used. The installation complies with the most stringent requirements in terms of accuracy and measurement repeatability (temperature, dilution, counting rates, etc.).

It is easy to mount on all existing test benches used by manufacturers seeking to bring their installations into compliance with the new international standard ISO 16889 (multipass testing of hydraulic filters, previously ISQ 4572) or ISO 4548-12 (lubricant filters). It is adaptable to all types of particle counter and to all test concentrations. A fully independent dilution fluid management system offers substantial time savings - sample dilution is performed automatically. Diluted fluid is filtered and recycled continuously, making it possible to perform a large number of tests in sequence without interruption. A single module receives input from the two sensors placed upstream and downstream of the test filter and provides the output to the two associated and dilution circuits, if necessary. The computer used in the dilution process can be connected to the set of test bench sensors for direct control and on-line data processing: calculation of instantaneous and mean beta ratios, plotting of beta curves as a function of particle size, plotting of the filter clogging curve, and the automatic calculation of the retention capacity.

Each installation comes with a validation certificate, and the system is available directly from IFTS in France.

For more information contact Dr T. Hunt on 00 44 117 950 7194.

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