Publishers' rates elicit shock and awe

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(2004), "Publishers' rates elicit shock and awe", Interlending & Document Supply, Vol. 32 No. 2.



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Publishers' rates elicit shock and awe

Publishers' rates elicit shock and awe

News from the pricing front - complete with military language (Ed.)

“When faculty hear the total amount that we pay to some of these (academic) publishers, there is shock and awe”, notes Beverley French, Director for Shared Digital Collections at the California Digital Library. French acknowledges the pressing need to control costs, but with individual journals replaced by publishers' packages, she says, “You can't really cut costs the old way, which was that each campus dropped a few titles.” Now she says the only way to stay within budget is to renegotiate the terms of the package, and cautions:

One has a lot more leverage before signing the online contract than after.” French is unclear how the deadlock in negotiations will end. “Our faculty have become more engaged in the library issues and recognize the interrelationship between them and their editorial and authorial activities. I have heard people saying “We can edit and publish our papers in other top journals.” This is the first time that I have seen faculty become so engaged in the overall issue of scholarly communication.

French notes that UC libraries are putting some of their human resources into promoting alternatives for the faculty.

The CDL has established an electronic repository for working papers and preprints, as well as an eScholarship platform and software. We have also launched our own Open Access journals.

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