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Taniar, D. (2011), "Editorial", International Journal of Web Information Systems, Vol. 7 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijwis.2011.36207caa.001



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Article Type: Editorial From: International Journal of Web Information Systems, Volume 7, Issue 3

We continue our practice of having survey papers in each issue of IJWIS, which proved to be very successful in consolidating the understanding of the dynamic and evolving research area of web information systems. The survey paper in this issue by Hannes Mühleisen, Tilman Walther and Robert Tolksdorf (Germany) focuses on semantic web, particularly the issues of storage. Semantic web has gained its popularity among web engineers and researchers, and distributed storage of semantic information plays an important role. This survey paper discusses thoroughly issues about distributed storage, including data format and format specific issues, as well as cluster storage, and self-organized storage.

The regular paper section contains four regular papers. The first paper, by Yusuke Gotoh, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Hideo Taniguchi and Masanori Kanazawa (Japan), focuses on webcast. Webcast has also gained its popularity in the internet, as many programs, such as news, entertainments, are stream-delivered on the internet. One of the main problems is waiting time and noise. This paper proposes methods for reducing waiting time and noise during the relay of webcast.

The second paper, by Gilbert Tekli, Richard Chbeir and Jacques Fayolle (France), presents a framework for manipulating XML data. XML too has gained is popularity as it has been widely used in real-world applications. Most work on XML applications focuses on storage, retrieval, and standardization of XML formats. This paper addresses an important problem of XML data which is manipulation of XML data.

The third paper, by Ykhlef (Saudi Arabia), is also about XML. This paper focuses on query language, particularly the visualization aspects. Visualization is an important aspect for XML query processing, because the nature of XML data are hierarchical, and therefore, visualization helps users in expressing XML queries.

The final paper in this issue, by Jurriaan Souer, Dirk-Jan Joor, Remko Helms and Sjaak Brinkkemper (The Netherlands), focuses on web content management. Now most web sites use some sort of content management for managing its content. One of the main problems is to identify commonalities. This paper proposes methods for identifying commonalities using a goal modeling approach.

I would like to thank the authors who contributed the papers in this issue, external reviewers who tirelessly reviewed and provided constructive comments to the authors, and our Assistant Editor, Dr Pardede, who manages the entire reviewing process.

David TaniarCo-Editor in Chief

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