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Article publication date: 1 September 2004



(2004), "Diary", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 5 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijshe.2004.24905cac.001



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Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I, Madrid, Spain26-29 September 2004The Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology (REWAS’04) will be held from 26-29 September 2004 at the IFEMA – Feria de Madrid. Under the joint organization of The Spanish INASMET, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ), The European Commission (DG-XII) and The French Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL), REWAS’04 will provide a forum for the world’s scientific and technical communities to address the continuing globalization of environment protection through progress in the recycling technology, re-engineering of the production system and clean technologies.

Further information from Ana Olaizola at: aolaizo@inasmet.es

2004 Greening UF Conference: “People, Profits, and Preservation: Empowering Sustainable Solutions”

Gainesville, FL, USA11-14 October 2004The objective of the 2004 Greening UF Conference is to showcase how sustainable solutions flow from inter-relationships between people, profits, and preservation. Its mission is to create an environment of intensified networking between students, faculty, staff, decision makers and the public at large, and to empower the creative development and implementation of sustainable solutions.

Novel papers, posters, and presentations are invited from practitioners, students, business and industry people, researchers, citizen advocates, and professionals with local, national, or international perspectives. The conference theme will have three primary tracks: empowering people; sustaining profits; and preserving nature. Each of these tracks has numerous conceptual themes that can be addressed in papers, presentations, and posters at the conference. For more information, go to www.sustainable.ufl.edu/conference.htm or contact Dave Newport, conference director at dnewport@ufl.edu or phone: +1 (352) 273-1173.

Sustainable Innovation 04: Creating and Developing Sustainable and Responsible New Business Models/Towards Sustainable Product Design 9

Surrey, UK25-26 October 2004Sustainable Innovation 04 has been designed as a way through the labyrinth of issues related to sustainability, corporate responsibility (CR) and new business models. The conference will aim to explore new approaches to sustainable product, service and PSS development by providing a platform for discussion over best practice and new ideas. The event will analyse the problems, barriers and obstacles to new sustainable and responsible business models and will highlight opportunities. A unique feature will be The Living Laboratory that will showcase sustainable business, product, service and PSS concepts.

Sustainable Innovation 04 welcomes conceptual and research-based papers covering sustainable and responsible business innovation in the context of a range of issues. As part of The Living Laboratory, Sustainable Innovation 04 welcomes blue-sky, thought-provoking, radical concepts and ideas with an emphasis on new business models rather than solutions focused on “business as usual”. Proposals were due 31 January 2004. For more information, contact Professor Martin Charter at The Centre for Sustainable Design, Tel: +44 (0) 1252 892772; Fax: +44 (0) 1252 892747; e-mail: mcharter@surrart.ac.uk A conference Web page will be available at: www.cfsd.org.uk/events/tspd9

Engineering Education in Sustainable Development (EESD 2004)

Barcelona, Spain27-29 October 2004Engineering education at all levels, especially higher education for the training of decision makers, researchers and teachers, should be oriented towards sustainable development and foster environmentally aware attitudes, skills and behaviour patterns, as well as a sense of ethical responsibility. The purpose of this conference is to translate this aim into concrete targets that could help universities of technology set targets for reforming their educational programs. The organising committee invites the community to participate by submitting their abstracts in the conference theme areas. Abstracts and workshop proposals should have been submitted electronically by 1 February 2004.

For more information, visit the conference Web site at: http://congress.cimne.upc.es/eesd2004/

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