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Article publication date: 1 June 2004



(2004), "Diary", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 5 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijshe.2004.24905bac.001



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Durham, New Hampshire, USA25-27 April 2004

The University of New Hampshire Office of Sustainability Programs is organizing this interdisciplinary symposium, sponsored by the Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation and the Center for the Humanities at the University of New Hampshire. The symposium will examine the underlying questions of justice and morality within the food and farming system. Keynote speakers will be Sidney Mintz, Marion Nestle, Brother David Andrews, Dana and Laura Jackson, and Sandy Oliver. Panel presentations will complement the plenary sessions. For more information, please call +1-603-862-4088 or visit www.sustainableunh.unh.edu/fas/eating_moral_act.html

IAIA’04: Impact Assessment for Industrial Development: Whose Business is it?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada26-29 April 2004

The 24th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) will focus on the role of the private sector in impact assessments, including implications for improving the professional practice and processes of impact assessment. Hear how private sector enterprises are working with government, Aboriginal people and a wide range of stakeholders to implement state-of-the-art impact assessment. Learn more about how they are integrating environmental management systems, triple bottom line accounting, adaptive management and sustainability into their day-to-day business practices. Contribute to the discussion of how we can secure a sustainable future for our planet and, particularly, how impact assessment can play an important role in achieving that objective. This event offers an opportunity for experts, decision makers, industry, and professionals of different visions and expertise to explore this issue.

Papers, posters, and workshops are invited on all aspects of the conference theme. For submission instructions or more information on IAIA’04, please visit its Web site at: www.iaia.org/ or contact Bridget John at bridget@iaia.org; Tel: +1-701-297-7908.

European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production 2004

Bilbao, Spain12-14 May 2004

The 9th ERSCP will serve as a platform to discuss both the prevailing and emerging themes of sustainable production and consumption, with a focus on quality and practical results. The results of the workshops and the open space discussions will be developed into a final roundtable document, which will then be fed into the policy documents of the European Commission, the United Nations Environment Programme and National Sustainability Programmes.

Abstracts can be sent on one of the 23 workshop themes that are selected specifically to make a change in, or contribute to, the policies of the European Union, UNEP, UNIDO as well as national governments. Please visit the Web site of the event at: www.erscp2004.net for further information on workshops and instructions for abstract submission or contact the ERSCP Secretariat at IHOBE via erscp@ihobe.net if you have any questions.

Leadership for Sustainability: A Two-day Workshop on Building Leadership Traits and Skills for Sustainability

Eugene, Oregon, USA13-14 May 2004

This course, sponsored by the University of Oregon’s division of Continuing Education, will provide information on the theory and practice on leadership for sustainability. The first day will focus on understanding basic leadership skills and analyzing each student’s current leadership strengths and weaknesses. The second day will focus on building the leadership skills necessary to mobilize the internal and external forces needed to transform any organization into sustainability-oriented enterprise.

For more information, visit: http://www.center.uoregon.edu/sustainability/ or contact University of Oregon Continuing Education at: sustain@continue.uoregon.edu

ICESD 2004 International Conference: Education for Sustainable Development – Preparing the UN Decade

University of Minho, Braga, Portugal19-22 May 2004

The aim of this conference is to give researchers, educators, teachers and other professionals of different domains concerned with education for sustainable development (ESD) the opportunity to become more aware of the most recent trends on ESD; to present, share and discuss research work, results and practices in the context of ESD; to contribute to the world preparation of the United Nations Decade on ESD (2005-2014). Proposals of papers or posters must be submitted before 15 November 2003, and should be sent by post to the Organizing Committee of ICESD 2004 or by e-mail attachment to mfreitas@iep.uminho.pt or ldourado@iep.uminho.pt

For more information, contact ICESD 2004, Departamento de Metodologias da Educação, Instituto de Educação e Psicologia, Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga, Portugal; e-mail: mfreitas@iep.uminho.pt or ldourado@iep.uminho.pt; Web site: www.iep.uminho.pt/gedse

Sharing Indigenous Wisdom: An International Dialogue on Sustainable Development

Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA6-10 June 2004

Hosted by the Sustainable Development Institute at College of Menominee Nation, the conference design will bring together scholars and practitioners who are committed to the concepts of sustainable development. There is currently an acute need to explore successful models of sustainable development that allow for the preservation of indigenous lands, sovereignty and culture, while also allowing for the integration of economic development, institutional capacity-building and technological advancement. A forum will be created that encourages dialogue, learning, solidarity and cross-fertilization of ideas.

Proposals for papers, poster presentations, and workshop sessions are due by 31 January 2004. For more information, visit the conference Web site at: www.sharingindigenouswisdom.org/, or contact Delia Kundin at Tel: +1-715-799-5600; Fax: 715-799-5951; e-mail: dkundin@menominee.edu

Conference on Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics – SURED

Ascona, Switzerland7-10 June 2004

The aim of the conference is to compile innovative current research from resource, energy and environmental economics and dynamic economic theory. By bringing together leading experts, junior and senior scholars and young researchers in these fields, the conference covers a broad range of aspects regarding the relationship between natural resource use and long-term economic development.

The Institute of Economic Research at ETH Zurich and CentER (Tilburg) invites submissions to the SURED-conference 2004. Contributions from the fields of environmental economics, resource economics, energy economics, economic dynamics and growth theory are welcome. Further details are available at: www.wif.ethz.ch/sured, or by contacting Roger Wehrli, at the conference secretariat: wehrli@wif.gess.ethz.ch

Conference on Towards Sustainable Futures – Tools and Strategies

Tampere, Finland14-15 June 2004

The Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland Futures Research Centre and the with Finland Futures Academy are organizing this conference concerning the future of sustainable development, sustainability strategies, and measuring the performance of the strategies. The conference will take place in Tampere, Finland, at the Tampere Hall on 14-15 June 2004. Tampere Hall is the largest concert and congress centre in the Nordic region.

The conference is aimed at both researchers and corporate representatives. The aim of this multidisciplinary event is to bring together those interested in sustainable development and futures oriented research. The participants will be offered new perspectives and methods for measuring sustainable development and creating strategies. The conference will also cast a look into how sustainability aspects are actually taken into consideration in corporations.

With the help of highly distinguished international and national speakers, the purpose is to create a base for more intense cooperation between researchers and corporations.

A sustainable future means an economically efficient, socially safe and fair future state that takes into consideration environmental aspects. Of the areas of sustainable development, the conference will focus especially on environmental and economic factors. With the methods of futures research, it is possible to address the development trends in the different areas of sustainability, search for alternative futures and assess their desirability.

Further details are available at: www.tukkk.fi/tutu/seminar2004 or by contacting: Paula.Hakola@tukkk.fi

International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science

Auckland, New Zealand7-9 July 2004

There has been little opportunity for industry, business and government to get together with engineers and scientists to discover the leading edge of sustainable technologies, the application of sustainability engineering and the tools that can be used to measure sustainability. This conference will provide a forum for presentation of papers outlining achievements in application and research in sustainability engineering and for discussion on directions for product and service design, corporate management, and new research which will lead towards sustainability engineering.

For more information, visit the Web site at www.nzsses.org.nz/Conference/ or contact Vicky Adin, conference manager at: vickya@kiwilink.co.nz

Sustainable Communities 2004

Burlington, Vermont, USA14-18 July 2004

Communities need strategies that are sustainable, strategies that will increase their capacity to continue to meet all their needs – for economic security, social services, good governance, and environmental health. In this conference, examples from many cities will demonstrate how to use a participatory approach and how to apply vision, principles, and criteria that shape effective strategies. It is a working conference, where time will be dedicated to in-depth action planning, so that community leaders can come away with concrete ideas for moving forward. Communities from around the world will be invited to participate in the conference, and people who respond to this call for presentations will help set the agenda.

Practitioners, students, academics, authors, and workshop leaders are invited to submit proposals for presentations at the sustainable communities conference. The goals of the conference are to provide as many practical, tested practices and processes as possible, and to give conference participants hands-on experience with new ideas and techniques. For this reason, a variety of formats for conference presentations are encouraged. For more information, please visit the conference Web site at: www.global-community.biz/conference/ or E-mail the conference team at: info@global-community.org

Littoral 2004 – 7th International Conference and Exhibition Delivering Sustainable Coasts: Connecting Science and Policy

Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK20-22 September 2004

Littoral 2004 is a major European event attracting an international audience of coastal researchers, managers, practitioners, and industry. It is a joint EUROCOAST and EUCC-The Coastal Union conference, supported by CoastNET, the UK’s national coastal network.

Authors wishing to present their papers or posters at the conference are now invited to submit their abstracts. Please refer to the conference Web site: www.littoral2004.org for information on the themes and sub-themes. The authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to prepare a paper for publication in the conference proceedings that will be made available at the conference.

Those wishing to attend, exhibit at, or sponsor the conference should visit: www.littoral2004.org to register their interest. Enquiries can be made at: @littoral2004.org

2004 Greening UF Conference: “People, Profits, and Preservation: Empowering Sustainable Solutions”

Gainesville, Florida, USA11-14 October 2004

The objective of the 2004 Greening UF Conference is to showcase how sustainable solutions flow from inter-relationships between people, profits, and preservation. Its mission is to create an environment of intensified networking between students, faculty, staff, decision makers and the public at large, and to empower the creative development and implementation of sustainable solutions.

Novel papers, posters, and presentations are invited from practitioners, students, business and industry people, researchers, citizen advocates, and professionals with local, national, or international perspectives. The conference theme will have three primary tracks:

  • Empowering people.

  • Sustaining profits.

  • Preserving nature.

Each of these tracks has numerous conceptual themes that can be addressed in papers, presentations, and posters at the conference. For more information, visit: www.sustainable.ufl.edu/conference.htm or contact Dave Newport, conference director at: dnewport@ufl.edu

2nd International Conference on Environmental Concerns: Innovative Technologies and Management Options

Xiamen, China12-15 October 2004

The conference aims at providing sustainable solutions for environmental problems. Subjects for discussion will include not only the physical state of the environment, but also economic and societal impacts, abatement strategies, and policy implications.

Moreover, the conference is aiming at establishing partnerships between stakeholders, serving as a platform to draft joint projects, and assisting in implementing solutions. Multi-stakeholder partnership projects and initiatives are encouraged to present at this high-level global conference. The conference hopes to facilitate the involvement of various stakeholders at equal levels in integrative approaches envisaged, which are key in addressing present and future needs. New, innovative approaches and lessons learned from the past will be helpful in bridging the gaps encountered in the topics listed below.

The event will provide an opportunity to bring together representatives in the fields of environmental management and decision making, science, and engineering, including professionals from government agencies and private institutions, consultants, and representatives of research, education and training institutes. Participants are also invited to organize special parallel sessions on one of the conference topics in consultation with the organizing committee. The Wageningen University (The Netherlands), for example, is planning a session on environmental and natural resource economics. For more information concerning the conference, please consult the following Web site: www.icec2004.org

Sustainable Innovation ’04: Creating and Developing Sustainable and Responsible New Business Models

Surrey, United Kingdom25-26 October 2004

Sustainable Innovation 04 has been designed as a way through the labyrinth of issues related to sustainability, corporate responsibility (CR) and new business models. The conference will aim to explore new approaches to sustainable product, service and PSS development by providing a platform for discussion over best practice and new ideas. The event will analyze the problems, barriers and obstacles to new sustainable and responsible business models and will highlight opportunities. A unique feature will be the living laboratory that will showcase sustainable business, product, service and PSS concepts.

Sustainable Innovation 04 welcomes conceptual and research-based papers covering sustainable and responsible business innovation in the context of a range of issues. As part of the living laboratory, Sustainable Innovation 04 welcomes blue-sky, thought-provoking, radical concepts and ideas with an emphasis on new business models rather than solutions focused on “business as usual”. For more information, contact Martin Charter at The Centre for Sustainable Design. E-mail: mcharter@surrart.ac.uk. A conference Web site is available at: www.cfsd.org.uk/events/tspd9

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