International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000



(2000), "Diary", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 1 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijshe.2000.24901bac.001



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Vienna, AustriaTuesday, 4 July-Saturday, 8 July, 2000

This conference will look at the role of planning in the improvement of environmental quality. Topics to be addressed include: rediscovery of public space: plazas for people; new urban spaces; design principles; social sustainability; community participation in planning; the urban village; holistic approaches to city and regional development.

For more information please look at: http://www.livablecities.org/conferences.htm

International Cracow Copernicus Conference: Sustainable Universities and Environment in an Integrated Europe

Cracow, Poland6-8 July 2000

The conference will address a wide range of issues concerned with sustainablity at universities and will focus on issues such as: teaching and research on the environment; environmental cooperation between eastern and western Europe; greening the campus at European universities; greening the curricula at European universities; promoting ICT for sustainable development; sustainable energy use; future partnerships for European universities in research and training for sustainable development.

For further details on the event, please contact the Copernicus Secretariat: Brandschachtstrasse 2, D- 44149 Dortmund, Germany. Fax: +49-231-652465; E-mail: info@cre-copernicus.de

The Fourth Annual Roundtable Symposium of the North American Alliance for Green Education (NAAGE)

Unity College, Maine, USA3-6 August 2000

This year's theme will be Environmental Stewardship. This yearly event brings together students, faculty and administrators from member institutions as well as professionals, activists and organizational advocates in the environmental movement. The event also gives students and other participants an opportunity to present their own projects and papers as well as participate in a variety of workshops, field excursions and other activities.

NAAGE is a student-guided educational consortium with a vision of education nurturing the development of pro-active community members capable of creating a sustainable balance between natural and social ecologies. NAAGE was designed by Prescott College students in 1996. The mission of the NAAGE membership is to diversify opportunities for students by collaborating on educational programs in a diversity of bioregional contexts. For more information, contact: Cristin Gallagher at E-mail: cgallagher@unity.unity.edu or Heidi Brugger at E-mail: hnb@unity.unity.edu; Tel: 206-948-3131.

The Smithsonian Environmental Leadership Course

10-22 September, 2000

Strong leadership skills are essential for effective conservation. The communication skills and strategies of exceptional leaders are taught in this course in a friendly learning environment. The Smithsonian Environmental Leadership course includes the exploration of topics such as Foundation Skills for the Environmental Leader, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies, Creating Compelling Futures, and Impactful Environmental Communication. The learning structure of the course is composed of demonstrations, background information and personal and group exercises. Speakers and numerous case-specific examples are presented.

For more information, please contact: Christopher Ros, SI/MAB Program, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, 10th and Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20560-0180. Tel: 202.786.3116; Fax: 202.633.8918; E-mail: cjr@ic.si.edu, www.si.edu/simab

Sustainability2000, the global online convention and interactive learning zone

Sustainability2000 is a global online convention and interactive learning zone at www.sustainability2000.org It has been set-up to share vital information on sustainable development. Sustainabilty2000 includes contributions from Tony Blair (UK Prime Minster), Michael Meacher (UK Environment Minister), Ritt Bjerregard (EC Environment Directorate), David Runnals (International Institute for Sustainable Development), Fred Singer (US Government Policy Adviser) and many others. The convention takes place in virtual locations around the world - visit Mexico where you can read keynote papers from government, industry, NGOs and academia from all round the world or download audio interviews and hear global experts as they explain what is needed to ensure human survival for the next 1000 years and beyond!

Other exciting features include a multi media online games park in virtual location "Tokyo", an online global research centre for sustainable development in "Geneva" and in "Alexandria" you will find multimedia presentations from participating companies and organisations such as Shell International, Rio Tinto and British Energy, talking about their work in achieving sustainability.

Let your voice be heard and visit the discussion forum in Mexico to exchange views and ideas about the future of our planet with other "netizens" from around the globe and find out how much you really know about sustainability by taking the Perception Challenge!

The event promises to be one of the world's most dynamic platforms to promote the principles of sustainable development, which are becoming vital to our future, as the world's population reaches 6 billion.

For further information, please log on to www.sustainability2000.org

International Conference - Holistic Concept of Training for the Promotion of Sustainable Development focused on European Integration for Better Quality of Environment and Human Life

University of Mining and Metallurgy (AGH), Cracow (Kraków), Poland15-16 September, 2000

Organisers: The Faculty of Geodesy and Environmental Engineering, AGH (Prof. Dr Jan W. Dobrowolski, Dr Aleksandra Wagner), The Department of Economics and Natural Resources Management, Faculty of Management, AGH (Prof. Dr Anna Jankowska-Klapkowska), The Polish Division of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (Dr Leszek Preisner), The Technical Open University, AGH, TuTech, Hamburg, Germany.

One of the key factors in the promotion of sustainable development is the training of experts in an integrated, trans-disciplinary way. To do so, joint, concerted action of scientists and practitioners in a local scale and on an international scale is needed. This international event is not only an opportunity for a wide exchange of up-to-date knowledge and information among scholars, but also an occasion to stimulate reflection about the weak points of contemporary models of consumption and to recommend new approaches towards sustainability, where training can play a key role.

The Conference will continue the series of interdisciplinary and international meetings of experts organised in Cracow, Poland in 1989, 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1997. Apart from presentations (reports and posters), a round table discussion is also planned. The meeting will be directed towards system solutions and their implementation to foster the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Aleksandra Wagner, Secretary, awagner@uci.agh.edu.pl or Prof. Dr. Jan W. Dobrowolski, Chairman, dobrowol@uci.agh.edu.pl, or write to SD-Training Conference Organising Committee, Wydz. Geod. Górn. i In¹. Srod. AGH, Al. Mickiewicza 30/C-4, 30-059 Kraków, Poland. Fax: 48-12-633.

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