Sustainability and University Life

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




Leal Filho, W. (2000), "Sustainability and University Life", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 1 No. 1.



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Sustainability and University Life

Sustainability and University Life

Walter Leal Filho1999270pp.German ISBN 3-631-35297-2, US ISBN 0-8204-4367-0.Price: DM79

Keywords: Environment, Universities, Education

The international debate on the merits of introducing sustainable approaches at universities can be greatly assisted by means of examples illustrating what can be done and, just as importantly, how. There are many higher education institutions which still see sustainability as theoretical" or disconnected from reality, failing to recognise the institutional benefits that may be brought about by pursuing sustainable development.

The book Sustainability and University Life, as the title implies, tries to show various ways via which sustainability may be brought closer to a university's routine. By means of critical analyses, case studies and examples from North American, European and African universities, the book not only discusses the problems facing the promotion of sustainability at institutional level, but also shows how sustainability is being put into practice by a number of higher education institutions. Be it via curriculum greening, networking, energy-saving projects, awards or via special teaching programmes, universities may gain a great deal by paying attention to sustainability and the book leaves no doubt that even the most sceptical institutions will see advantages in pursuing this path.

Published by Peter Lang Scientific Publishers (New York, Berlin, Bern, Vienna), as Volume 5 of the Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability Series, edited by Walter Leal Filho (Hamburg).


Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability Series:

  • Preface

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Sustainability and University Life: some European Perspectives. Walter Leal Filho

  • Chapter 2: Critical Dimensions of Sustainablity in Higher Education. Richard Clougston and Wynn Calder

  • Chapter 3: Driving Environmental Strategy with Stakeholder Preferences - a Case Study of the University of Surrey. Andy Davey, Graham Earl and Roland Clift

  • Chapter 4: Technology and Sustainable Development: Sustainability as a challenge for engineers. Karel F. Mulder

  • Chapter 5: Sustainability through Incremental Steps? The Case of Campus Greening at Rensselaer. Steve Breyman

  • Chapter 6: Managing US Campuses with an Ecological Vision. Alberto Arenas

  • Chapter 7: Institutional Change and Leadership in Greening the Campus, Aaron Allen

  • Chapter 8: "ECOCAMPUS": A "Practice-What-You-Preach" European Collaboration. J. Roturier, A. de Almeida, E. Apostolidou, D. Berbecaru, J.F. Bonnet, R. Cazanescu, P. Faucher, S. Gabriel, A. Gula, M. Kwiatkowski, T. Laine, Th. Lamouche, J. Norgard and Ph. Outrequin

  • Chapter 9: Institutional Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability: A Peak of Excellence at Middlebury College. Nan Jenks-Jay

  • Chapter 10: University Support to Local and Regional Agenda Initiatives for Sustainable Development. Dr Andreas Megerle and Heidi Megerle

  • Chapter 11: Sustainability and Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific. Jacob Park and Ted Tschang

  • Chapter 12: Promoting Environmental Citizenship and Sustainability in Regional Campuses: Experiences from a Consortium of 15 Colleges and Universities. Robert S. Whyte

  • Chapter 13: The Dutch Sustainability Award for Higher Education 1998. Hanno Lans

  • Chapter 14: Transformation or Irrelevance: The Challenge of Academic Planning for Environmental Education in the 21st Century. David W. Orr

  • Chapter 15: Greening Campuses: An Overview of Student Activism and Progressive Administration. Scott Cole

  • Chapter 16: Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management in the Liberal Arts: A Case Study. Eugene B. Bakko

  • Appendix 1: University and Sustainability: An African Perspective. Samson Katikiti

  • Appendix 2: The Need for Student Inputs: Oikos - International Student Organization for Sustainable Economics and Management. Alexander Barkawi

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