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Heap, J. (2008), "Foreword", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 57 No. 6.



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Article Type: Foreword From: International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Volume 57, Issue 6

The European Association of National Productivity Centres was established in 1966 as a successor body to the European Productivity Agency.

Its purpose is “to facilitate and increase exchanges of information and experiences, and arrange co-operation among participating bodies”. Its seat is in Brussels.

Membership of the Association is open to all “national productivity centres” or institutions deemed their equivalent within the member states of the “United Nations Economic Commission for Europe”.

Each year the Association organises a workshop which focuses on a particular sub-theme relating to current productivity concerns or practices and, in addition, organises the European Productivity Conference (with the help of the EANPC member in the host country). In 2007, the Conference was held in Zilina in Slovakia, facilitated by the Slovak Productivity Centre.

This special issue of IJPPM presents a range of papers from the Conference. IJPPM maintains two complementary streams of content – a major academic stream and a smaller, though no less important, stream based on reflective practice. This issue is devoted to such reflective practice papers and represents a snapshot view of the European productivity scene seen through the eyes of representatives of national agencies responsible for productivity promotion and development.

IJPPM is thankful for the permission of EANPC and, in particular, its President, Mr Peter Rehnstrom, Managing Director of the Finnish Work Environment Fund, for permission to present these papers to a wider audience.

John Heap

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