Chicken or egg?

International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management

ISSN: 1741-0401

Article publication date: 25 April 2008



(2008), "Chicken or egg?", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 57 No. 4.



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Chicken or egg?

Article Type: News From: International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Volume 57, Issue 4.

Corporate Social Responsibility is often linked to productivity the general view being that companies that exercise CSR are more likely to be successful.

In The Philippines, the Social Management System (SMS), a project recently initiated by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) with a German Institution called InWEnt, has already set basic standards on seven areas to promote and increase SMS awareness among Philippine-owned enterprises.

Lawyer Domingo Duerme, DCCCII president, said the project, which focuses on caring for employees in a bid to make them more productive, sets basic standards in such areas as child labour, health and safety, working hours, the right to collective bargaining agreement and compensation.

Of course, we would love to see some real research on the link between CSR and productivity: it may be just that successful companies exercise CSR, rather than CSR exercising any causal relationship on productivity.

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