Introduction from the Editor

International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis

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Article publication date: 7 March 2008



Reed, R. (2008), "Introduction from the Editor", International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Vol. 1 No. 1.



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Introduction from the Editor

Article Type: Editorial From: International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Volume 1, Issue 1.

Welcome to the first issue of The International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis (IJHMA). With the publication of this journal the Emerald suite of real estate and property-related journals is now complete ensuring that papers relating to all facets of the marketplace are now covered.

From both a local and international perspective housing remains the most common form of land use. In recent times, housing in many countries has rapidly evolved as an investment medium for private and institutional investors, which in turn is now demanding a higher level of research. IJHMA has the potential to now fill that gap. Research into housing can take many forms depending on the type of accommodation, the timeframe selected, as well as the relevant factors being examined such as price, location, demand, supply, development and design factors. Housing is a large research discipline.

The IJHMA aims to provide an international forum for the interchange of information and ideas relating to housing, housing markets and the interaction thereof. You may ask "how does this journal compare with other housing and urban journals?" There are two distinct points of difference to be noted, where the emphasis with IJHMA is placed on both: housing markets and internationalisation. With regards to housing, this journal is clearly focused on the interface between research and practical application by disseminating new research findings alongside articles related to everyday professional practice. The papers have widespread application to day-to-day life and consequently are not limited to small number of academic practitioners or market analysts. This journal seeks to achieve widespread readership based on meaningful research into housing markets and analysis, where the articles are readable, practical and make a valid contribution to knowledge. Secondly, this journal is truly international. Although published by Emerald Group Publishing in the UK, the editor is based in Australia with an editorial board evenly spread throughout the world. As a result this journal provides the rare situation where the emphasis is not placed on only particular country or region. As a result this journal provides a unique contribution to understanding international housing markets from both a detailed and broader perspective.

At all times housing markets are in a constant state of change and up-to-date research is required to identify, monitor and adjust to these changes. The global nature of property markets has accelerated this change, which in turn has widespread implications for industry and practitioners. The IJHMA seeks to remain relevant and include cutting-edge research relating to all aspects of housing markets. Whilst the theme of the articles published in IJHMA all relate to residential housing, the subjects and article titles vary substantially. Examples of relevant subjects include:

  • housing market analysis (macro large-scale approach examining aggregate markets);

  • examining individual houses including price, design and cost factors;

  • depreciation and obsolescence affecting housing;

  • high-density housing, especially inner-city and upmarket trends;

  • social housing considerations;

  • geographic information systems and the use of mapping programs to understand housing trends;

  • demographics and the relationship with housing, e.g. unemployment rates;

  • low cost housing alternatives;

  • housing affordability such as the argument of rent vs buy;

  • the effect of financial factors (e.g. interest rates) on housing markets;

  • valuing and appraising housing markets and individual houses;

  • undertaking mass appraisals;

  • taxation of housing such as for council rating purposes;

  • emerging housing markets such as in third world countries;

  • conversion and modification of houses;

  • the increasing acceptance of sustainability into housing;

  • the environment and the effect on housing and visa versa and

  • planning aspects and the integration of housing into the urban environment.

This issue contains six papers that truly reflect the international nature of this journal. The lead author for each paper each represents a different country with the topics including building refurbishment, international homeownership and the urban development process. The diverse nature of these articles allows the reader to enhance their knowledge of housing markets on an international scale, which also encouraging potential authors to contribute to the journal regardless of their country of origin. IJHMA actively encourages submissions based on emerging countries in order to foster research.

The Editor seeks contributions and suggestions about future issues of IJHMA, with the goal being to ensure IJHMA is a leading disseminator of cutting-edge research into international housing markets. Future issues will include book reviews and themed issues (e.g. Asian markets, developing markets, sustainability), as well as being aligned with housing-related conferences. This first issue of the journal should be seen as a vote of support for housing researchers and analysts, although the height of success will depend largely on the level of support received. This is your journal into international housing markets and analysis.

Richard Reed

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