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ISSN: 1750-6220

Article publication date: 11 April 2008



Bhattacharyya, S.C. and Dey, P. (2008), "Editorial", International Journal of Energy Sector Management, Vol. 2 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijesm.2008.32802aaa.001



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Article Type: Editorial From: International Journal of Energy Sector Management, Volume 2, Issue 1.

We start the second year of the journal with a special issue on “Managing sustainability in developing electricity markets”. This special issue has been edited by Dr Pierre-Olivier Pineau of HEC Montreal and an active Associate Editor of the journal, who has taken the initiative to develop this theme and managed the entire process of special issue delivery. We greatly appreciate his efforts for this journal.

This year, we plan to publish another special issue on the application of Operation Research Methods in Energy Sector Management Issues. We have also initiated the process of developing a special issue for 2009 on the energy sector management issues in India and China. This special issue will be edited jointly by Dr Anoop Singh of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India and Professor Jianguo Zhang of the Energy Research Institute in China. The Call for Papers is included at the end of this volume. We are hopeful that with your support this special issue will be a success.

Reviewers for special issue International Journal of Energy Sector Management:

  • Dr Minoru Takada, Energy and Environment Group, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), E-mail: minoru.takada@undp.org

  • Dr Shonali Pachauri, Population and Climate Change Program, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), E-mail: pachauri@iiasa.ac.at

  • Professor Jean-Thomas Bernard, Université Laval (Canada), E-mail: jtber@ecn.ulaval.ca

  • Boris Krey, Socioeconomic Institute (SOI) at the University of Zurich., PhD student, E-mail: boris.krey@soi.unizh.ch

  • Professor Jacques Percebois, Université de Montpellier 1, E-mail: jacques.percebois@univ-montp1.fr

  • Professor Anil Hira, Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University, E-mail: ahira@sfu.ca

  • Daniel Dumas, Commonwealth Secretariat, E-mail: d.dumas@commonwealth.int

  • Dr Prasanta Dey, Aston Business School, Aston University, E-mail: p.k.dey@aston.ac.uk

  • Professor Dias Haralambopoulos, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, E-mail: dharal@aegean.gr

  • Raúl García Carpio, Economic Studies Department, OSINERG (Peruvian energy regulatory body), E-mail: rgarcia@osinerg.gob.pe

  • Professor Anastassios Gentzoglanis, Department of Finance, Université Sherbrooke, E-mail: anastassios.gentzoglanis@USherbrooke.ca

  • Dr Afzal Siddiqui, Lecturer, Department of Statistical Science, University College London, E-mail: afzal@stats.ucl.ac.uk

  • Niklas Egels-Zandén, PhD student, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University, E-mail: Niklas.Egels@handels.gu.se

Subhes C. Bhattacharyya and Prasanta Dey

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