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What’s on the web

Article Type: What’s on the web From: Human Resource Management International Digest, Volume 16, Issue 5

Zoning in on HR


Launched eight years ago (and first reviewed by us shortly afterwards) HRZone has built itself into an online network of 25,000 human resources professionals with the UK’s most active online human resources community, providing a wealth of free online resources, with award winning writers and leading industry figures providing the latest news, comment and analysis. Hard to argue with a sales pitch like that, and HRZone certainly has endless amounts of information on all things HR related. The site is welcoming, personal and image friendly. The information is laid out well and easy to trawl through. Registration is free, possibly explaining the large number of signed up HR professionals, and for that reason alone the site is well worth checking out. But it is in parts a little “lightweight”. With HR tips of the week like “detecting drunkenness” HRZone may be more suited to the uninitiated rather than the HR professional.

Heavyweight HR


The wheels of business turn ever faster in the modern global marketplace, and the same is as true of human resources as any other area of an organization: instant, accurate knowledge is power. The higher the position, the higher the quality of information and speed of delivery are of paramount importance. Which is where this website comes into its own, being as it is sold as a, “resource specifically for directors and vice presidents of HR” that can offer, “timely information delivery, interactive opportunities and database capabilities to deliver users breaking news, unique insights and extensive reference materials.” Running since 1987, this online magazine is, “focused on strategic HR issues” and provides key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Who could have thought HR could be so inspiring?

London BS calling


London Business School is as impressive a building as any that have had moniker thrown at them. They ooze class, sophistication and statesmanship, and that’s just their façade and website! Recognized as one of the top business schools in the world, and with a vision to become the pre-eminent one in the global business education marketplace, they boast over 1,400 students from over 130 countries and 93 faculties from more than 20 countries. Impressive stuff. And so are their range of “flexibly designed” HR training courses that are offered on London Business School’s website. As they claim to be, “pioneers in the field of international HR and talent management strategy, our partnerships with leading organisations and HR professionals provide results-driven learning solutions to challenges faced now and in the future,” it’s hardly surprising.

Healing division


The Human Resources Division within the Academy of Management is an august body that is, “dedicated to a better understanding of how work organizations can perform more effectively by better management of their human resources.” If you thought “human resources”, or staff, or better still people, want a decent rate of pay for a decent rate of work, to get on with their colleagues and enjoy their work in order to be most effective to their employer, you would be wrong. It’s not that simple. That’s why the Academy of Management’s HR Division is focused on, “understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices … and determining the optimal fit between these practices and organizational strategies, cultures, and performance.” These guys are self-styled disseminators of state of the art HR knowledge, all in the name of making the work place a better place.

Wikipedia HR


Human resources “personnel”, from junior office staff through to supervisors, managers and executives, can easily scour the worldwide web for hours looking through HR sites that can fulfil them with the knowledge they need to be able to function most efficiently and effectively in, and stay abreast of, their profession. But how many have taken the trouble to check out what’s being said about the noble art of HR by a non-HR organization. Wikipedia is hardly the last bastion of reliability and credible sourcing, but that does not stop it being used more and more each day by more and more people. Those working in HR could do worse than spend some time reading through their history and function according to the world’s favourite all knowing information site. But only in their spare time!

And finally

The UK Health and Safety Executive has a nice little section on its site which aims to debunk some of the “myths” surrounding the subject. For example “Reports said that the theatre company were just following HSE’s guidance sheet when they had to ban toy guns from the production. HSE’s guidance is clear; it deals with real weapons and the kind of accurate replicas that can cause serious injury or be used in robberies. Not plastic toys. We trust the play did well with all the free publicity!”

Best of all


For a particularly interesting and useful site you could always try the Emerald one!

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