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What's on the web

Article Type: What's on the web From: Human Resource Management International Digest, Volume 16, Issue 4.

Hands on HR


Everything you will ever need to know about human resources on one web site. Easy enough to navigate and packed with all the latest, as well as standard, human resources information, with rolling HR News, Featured Services, a HR Advice Line and a seemingly endless supply of HR documents and policies to purchase online. If anything the site, perhaps, takes itself a little too seriously. For instance it claims that “HR management is vital for organizations who are serious about their staff”, as if any organization worth the name who have staff are not serious about them! It also claims to “provide clients with human resource consulting, policy solutions and employment law advice, tailored to help you maximize the effectiveness of your staff every day of their working week”, as if the multiple and complex issues involved in maximizing the effectiveness of staff on a daily basis was that simple. Operated by Vizual HR Ltd, the site claims to have over 30 000 registered users and be the market leader in online HR services in the UK.

Xcellent resource


This is a very modern looking web site, befitting the operator’s claim that it is “the UK’s biggest and most comprehensive source of HR information.” In the slick, chic world of modern business a web site is often now the first port of call for prospective clients, and as the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” First impressions of XpertHR are good. It covers every conceivable HR issue, the content is listed in a clean and clear manner and style, and the site is simple to navigate. The site has been designed by HR professionals for use by HR professionals, so perhaps it’s not surprising they have made it easy to use. From questions relating to daily decision making through to issues relating to strategic planning, XpertHR is a one-stop resource where information for anything from a quick overview to a detailed research project can be found. The site also specializes in easing the strain for HR professionals around the ever more extensive and complex issues of employment law. Of course all this expert advice at your fingertips comes at a price. The site is subscription based and not cheap, but it is an excellent resource for HR professionals in today’s business world.

Aspiring for more


Aspire HR Solutions is a one man human resources consultancy firm specializing in training, audits and consultancy. The web site is minimalist in both design and content, a refreshing change in today’s information overload times. It also appears to be a straightforward site to navigate, but it is not at all obvious that by clicking on the logo at the top of the site you access information that cannot be accessed any other way. Also, at first glance it resembles more of a medical web site rather than a human resources one. Perhaps not a coincidence then that the testimonials attached to each page of the web site all come from NHS Trust personnel? The tone of the text is professional and efficient, yet warm and friendly, and all the expected promises are made and stated. Aspire is a relatively new company, and the web site reflects that. It does makes a change to not have to wade through an ocean of information, but this site lacks meat on bones and may lead some viewers to suspect that the organization it advertises does too.

World-wide HR guide and more


HRM Guide sells itself as an international human resources web site, providing “a network of HR and other web sites providing information and links to articles about human resource topics, personnel, people management and other work related issues.” As if that is not enough, they also offer best selling books and travel guides! Random is one word that comes to mind, bizarre another. Less so perhaps when you realize that the HRM Guide Network is “an independent, internet-based organization dedicated to the provision of HR-related information plus a number of general web sites including books, travel and gardening.” Evidently not taking themselves too seriously, although seriously enough to provide a wealth and more of information relating to human resources issues across the globe, the operators of the site perhaps need a course on niche marketing to help focus their attention. The site is busy and noisy, a little confusing to navigate and not particularly slick. However, it is free to use and does not require passwords or membership.

World domination


The Society for Human Resource Management’s web site is every bit as heavyweight as the organization itself. SHRM is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resource management. They take themselves seriously and that fact is reflected in their web site. With more than 575 affiliated chapters in the USA alone, plus a representation of more than 225,000 individual members in over 125 countries and offices in China and India, SHRM do not make any claims cheaply. Based in Virginia, America, SHRM’s web site is basically an on-line brochure making the “who, what, why, when and how” clear regarding the benefits of joining the organization and becoming affiliated to one of the chapters. The web site is, like SHRM, big, bold and brassy. There is more than enough information to satisfy even the most enquiring mind, and it is all easily accessible and clearly laid out. The only thing we did not like was the logo, the result of a recent rebranding initiative that is explained by the CEO via a video clip on the web site. Who are we to disagree with such a formidable source?

And finally

“During one of the frequent periods of unemployment that followed my liberal arts education, I went to a family gathering. While I dodged questions about career aspirations, my hard-working uncle shook his head and peered over the rim of his glasses at me. ‘Why don’t you learn a trade?’ he suggested. ‘Then at least you could tell us what kind of job you’re out of.’”

Thanks to Daniel Ladd.

Best of all


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