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Whats on the web

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Whats on the web

Article Type: Whats on the web From: Human Resource Management International Digest, Volume 16, Issue 2.

Helping hand


Offering a HR service particularly to small businesses not in a position to have their own HR consultant, this company’s web site presents a professional image. The crux of the service seems to concentrate on helping businesses to understand the ins and outs of employment law. Varying levels of support can be provided depending on what individual companies require, from a complete outsourcing service through to offering an “extra pair of hands” whenever needed. A free HR review is offered on site to “health-check” businesses HR policies, the questionnaire being short and to the point. The site is well presented and easy to navigate though the information contained is not overly extensive; much of it leads to the “contact us” page. Although this is obviously a small business site, it may be worth looking at by anyone, large or small, needing some HR support.

Quick work


Rather lacking in substance, this small but well-formed site represents the Intellect Business Services company, which appears to be another individual HR outsourcing resource. It is however well put together with thought for the user and gives information on the various areas that the company deals with, including human resources along with others such as payroll, company formation and tribunal representation. Unfortunately not much information is provided about the people running the company or the levels of success they have had working with other businesses. However, whilst this web site is certainly not going to win any prizes for the amount of information it contains, it does give a reasonable overview of the services on offer from the company. And on the plus side it does not take much of ones time to work through.

Useful and worthwhile


“The communitychallenge programme is a series of powerful and inspiring team challenges that develop and motivate staff, provide much needed assistance to the developing world, and raise vital funds for charity.” This company provides the opportunity for team building exercises that are also worthwhile; several big name brands have taken part in the schemes. Giving plenty of information about the aims and ambitions of Community Challenge, as well as information about how the programs may benefit the companies taking part, this site is well designed and professional. A media section contains films and a gallery of pictures from previous projects, along with the latest news from community challenge. Various causes are supported through the schemes and the company’s brochure is available to download. Overall this web site is excellent and well worth looking at for anyone considering carrying out team building for their staff.

Comprehensive but not cheap


Complinet has a huge site of which the HR section comprises only a small percentage. However, this still contains more information than one could hope to peruse in one sitting. With analyses of various HR issues, recent news articles and message boards covering all aspects of the HR sector including coaching, recruitment, employment law and discrimination to name a few this site is extremely comprehensive. Unfortunately, to gain access to any of the information on the site one has to register with Complinet and, although a free trial is available, if one wishes to subscribe then charges apply. Worth having a look at for the free trial, this site is probably only good for those with a serious professional interest in human resources.

Software support


A software supplier aimed at HR professionals, the Microsoft software they provide includes payroll, training and recruitment browsers amongst others. The web site itself is well laid out and user friendly though the homepage is a little haphazard in appearance. An overview of the service that the software solution provides is given as well as more detailed explanations of the different aspects of it. The majority of the site is available for anyone to view and contains information on events being held, links to other related topics and web sites and news from the company itself. Several glowing client testimonials are given on site from clients within various sectors, suggesting a useful product and good service from the company. This could definitely be a site to consider when purchasing new HR software.

And finally

“Force-fitting employees into a ‘job box’ short-changes both the employees and the organization. The more effective method is to fit employee talents to the work that must be accomplished. This book describes how to reinvent the human resource department so that job competencies rather than job descriptions become the foundation for all HR efforts.”

A quote from Competency-based Human Resource Management by David D. Dubois. Has anyone found an organization that does this?

Best of all

www.emerald insight.com

For a particularly interesting and useful site you could always try the Emerald one!

If you have any favorite (or otherwise) sites that you would like us to review on these pages, or wish us to consider your own site, please drop us an e-mail and we will ask our reviewers to check them out.

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