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Article publication date: 30 August 2011



Alam Choudhury, M. (2011), "Editorial", Humanomics, Vol. 27 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/h.2011.12427caa.001



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Article Type: Editorial From: Humanomics, Volume 27, Issue 3

There is a convergence in the area of ethical questioning in finance, banking and management issues in this issue of Humanomics International Journal of Systems and Ethics (HIJSE). The question remains: can the artifacts of the various approaches as of Islamic banking, finance and management address the scandalous problem of the global financial predicament post great recession of current times? Is there a sufficient new thought and ways of application in Islamic economics, finance, banking and management as presented in many of the papers in this issue of HIJSE that can show the new way towards global stability and sustainable development?

Here, is an area that needs to be addressed through a generalized worldview that has not been ventilated thus far. If the prevalent approaches to stemming the financial crisis are successful in the long-run, then I think the relevance of Islamic financial and banking practices in economic stabilization and growth is reduced. If on the contrary, the Islamic financial alternative has something different to offer to counter the neoliberal predicament, then what is the epistemic groundwork of the Islamic possibility? Unless, this question is answered and tested out rigorously with intellectual thinking and viability, the permanence of the Islamic alternative does not stand upon substantive foothold. The search for the viable alternative remains the challenging scientific research program for the field of Islamic economics and finance. As it stands, in the absence of the epistemological groundwork and its proven application articulated thoroughly to students and to the academic world, the project of Islamic economics and finance and its subsequent development has no proven promise.

HIJSE calls upon the interdisciplinary socio-scientific inquirers to investigate in the continuing Scientific Research Program of unity of knowledge and its application to the unified worldview towards answering the post-great recession predicaments. Can you usher in a permanent and sustainable different worldview out of the neoliberal constructions of the great recession?

Masudul Alam Choudhury

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