The Centre for Future Studies


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Article publication date: 1 August 2004



(2004), "The Centre for Future Studies", Foresight, Vol. 6 No. 4.



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The Centre for Future Studies

The Centre for Future Studies was formed in 1996 to assist organisations in understanding what the future may hold in store and through that knowledge to enable them to make better strategic decisions today about their future. In the past five years the Centre has gained international recognition as an authoritative source of knowledge about key trends and developments in business and society.

The work of the Centre embraces both sectoral and thematic programmes and includes:

  • Sectoral programmes:

    • the insurance forum;

    • financial services;

    • healthcare;

    • food;

    • social attitudes;

    • energy.

  • Thematic issues:

    • work;

    • ageing;

    • crime;

    • sustainability;

    • education;

    • digital futures

The Centre has also established a “community of thinkers” whose purpose it is to play a part in shaping the future of society for generations to come. Members express their views and opinions across a wide range of subjects concerned with improving the quality of life. Over time, the community will become recognised as an independent, influential source of knowledge that can make a positive difference to the ways in which the future unfolds. The community is called the “UK Futurists Network” (UKFN).

For more information: Tel: 01227 709575; Fax: 01227 709420.The Centre for Future Studies, Stelling Minnis, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6AQ

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