The HangerHouse™ Web site anticipates the future


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The HangerHouse™ Web site anticipates the future

The HangerHouse™ Web site anticipates the future

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The typical, besuited, overly persuasive estate agent is about to be gazumped,'as illustrated by an experimental Web site suggesting how we may be specifying tailormade housing in just 20 years' time. - was due to go live on 29 February 2000, leaping into the future!

The site is the brainchild of The HangerHouse Company - a team of young architects, designers and management consultants which won this year's Concept House Competition. It is designed to personalise the whole process of house purchasing so that prospective buyers can specify a home which truly fits their lifestyle. Answer a few pertinent questions - where do you want to live - city or country; what size house - small, medium or large; together with some lifestyle indicators - and The HangerHouse program provides a near perfect home scenario, complete with prét-à-habiter choice of interiors and the latest integrated technology.

One version of The HangerHouse was to be built as a full scale model at the 2000 Daily Mail Ideal Homes Show, complete with adjustable convertible-style roof, intelligent hub controlling heating and power systems as well as futuristic communication facilities and amazing home entertainment and security devices.

Visitors to the HangerHouse Web site could enjoy a sneak preview of what to expect at the show, including futuristic products such as the twenty-first century Teasmaid/Teasmade which takes the grind out of freshly brewed tea and coffee in the morning or an indoor kitchen garden growing fresh vegetables in hydroponic gel. In addition to intelligent Rapid Cook Ovens and SmartPans which download cooking information from the Internet, leading product designers have turned their attention to the bathroom to unveil "The Bodywash" which cleanses and dries, weighs, measures and performs health checks in the guise of a conventional shower. The vuTable will transform the homework challenge with an integral table console managing conferencing, e-mail, voice mail, business accounts, children's homework, and e-commerce.

For further information please contact: Karoline Newman, PR, Articulate Communication. Tel: +44 (0) 207 287 1922; Louise McKinney, organiser and promoter, Artery. Tel: +44 (0) 207 346 8825; or Antony Jones, dmg world media. Tel: +44 (0) 208 515 2000.

The Hangerhouse Web site has been designed and sponsored by in association with the HangerHouse team.

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