Traceable keys to secure premises


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Article publication date: 1 July 2000




(2000), "Traceable keys to secure premises", Facilities, Vol. 18 No. 7/8.



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Traceable keys to secure premises

Traceable keys to secure premises

Keywords: Buildings, Security

French company Euronetics has launched the Alibi® flexible key and lock combination system for easily manageable access control in buildings, offices, hotels and the security of goods being transported in vehicles.

The Alibi® system, and its universal Sakkarah key, combines mechanical strength with electronic processing power and communications. In hotels and tourist facilities, the system provides controlled access for both guests and employees.

The system is programmed by means of a small screen integrated into the key itself. Once programmed, the key communicates with the lock cylinder setting a unique and unbreakable code. The Sakkarah Master key provides full control of the entire system once it has been used to program all the lock cylinders. The master key holder transmits access rights to Sakkarah User Keys which can only be used to unlock cylinders. These access rights can be restricted to a given key or they can be transmitted in turn to other keys. The access rights may be temporary, recurrent or permanent.

Euronetics France has also developed the MasterSoft software suite for use in large organisations with complex structures to modify access rights in line with staff and organisational changes. The system has a capacity of several tens of thousands of keys and lock cylinders.

A trace function ln the Sakkarah Master provides a report on the last 250 operations on the group of cylinders under its control. Each operation is listed with the corresponding date and time, the key and the user concerned, and the identifier of the original key used to delegate the access rights. The key release codes cannot be intercepted and any lost or stolen keys can be cancelled immediately.

The Alibi® system is compatible with all types of locks, with the Alibi® cylinder replacing the normal cylinder in a matter of minutes. The system is entireiy powered through the keys, requiring no power supply or batteries in the cylinder.

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