The climate's right for Climadesk


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(2000), "The climate's right for Climadesk", Facilities, Vol. 18 No. 3/4.



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The climate's right for Climadesk

The climate's right for Climadesk

Keywords: Desks, Air-conditioning

Advanced Ergonomic Technologies (AET) is acting as sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for Climadesk.

The Climadesk turns a conventional desk into a climate system. A panel is attached to the underside of the writing surface and a filter unit is placed beside the desk. The user controls air supply and local air movement, as in a vehicle. The panel has a horizontal radiating surface, three different air vents, and an infra-red sensor to switch it on and off automatically.

Air is supplied to the panel through a flexible duct connecting it to the filter unit, which contains a fan, a fine filter, and the control electronics. All cables run inside the duct, with outlets for power, telephone, or fax at the back of the panel. Supply air can be taken from the existing ventilation system, or drawn directly from outside the building.

AET managing director Glan Blake Thomas says the range will consolidate his company's position as a leading consultancy in flexible office design, and complement their international distributorship for the Hiross "Flexible Space" underfloor air-conditioning system.

Thermal control

The Climadesk airstream comes from two adjustable outlets under the desk to cool the body. Heating is achieved by adjusting the surface temperature of the panel under the desk. The temperature experienced by the user can be controlled in the range from 2°C above room temperature to 4°C below, with a rapid response to adjustment. Radiant heating below the desk, and fresh air above it, reduces complaints of draughts and dry air.

The Climadesk filter combines electro-statically charged fibres and active charcoal. It retains particles smaller than smoke, and absorbs most gases. In conventional room ventilation, supply air is completely mixed with room air before it arrives at the user. Climadesk supplies filtered air directly to the breathing zone. The outdoor-air version is particularly recommended for users who may be allergic or hyper-sensitive to some components of the air in the building.

Climadesk was developed by the National Swedish Board of Public Buildings. The thermal effect on the user was optimised by using a computerised thermal mannequin developed for Volvo by the National Swedish Institute for Building Research.

For further information contact Glan Blake Thomas at AET. Tel: +44 (0) 1883 744860; Fax: +44 (0) 1883 741 866; Web site:; E-mail:

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