Managing ICT

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(2000), "Managing ICT", Education + Training, Vol. 42 No. 6.



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Managing ICT


Managing ICT

T. FreedmanHodder & Stoughton1999ISBN 034075334X£9.99, paperback

Keywords Information technology, Communications technology

Few now dispute that information and communications technology (ICT) has a key role to play in schools and colleges. As well as preparing pupils for the world of work, ICT can be used to enhance all areas of the curriculum, while the study of ICT in its own right can raise pupils' problem-solving ability. However, changing the curriculum to incorporate IT and ICT, and even pouring lots of money into resources, are not in themselves sufficient for achieving the benefits of using computers in the curriculum. The key element is making it all work, and that is the focus of Managing ICT

The book targets the manager of ICT, whether he/she is an ICT co-ordinator, head of department or senior manager. It will also prove useful for trainee teachers considering a career in teaching IT or managing ICT. The book appeals equally to ICT managers in primary and secondary schools and colleges. The focus is on management rather than the issues themselves, because although the circumstances or the technology may change quite rapidly, basic management considerations tend to change more slowly. In the discussion about ways of delivering IT, for example, the book does not become involved in the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches in terms of their effect on achievement, but centres on the implications of each approach from the standpoint of ease of management.

The book is not designed to be read sequentially (although it may be) but to be dipped into for reference as the need arises.

Vikki SmithPostdoctoral Research Fellow Leeds Business School, Leeds, UK

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