Recognition of qualifications: the progress so far

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "Recognition of qualifications: the progress so far", Education + Training, Vol. 42 No. 6.



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Recognition of qualifications: the progress so far

Recognition of qualifications: the progress so far

Keywords European Commission, Qualifications

The wide range of education and training covered by the EU directive on a general system for the mutual recognition of qualifications has presented major challenges to the member states, according to a progress report by the European Commission. The system has been in operation for five years, but there have been considerable delays in implementing it in some member states. They range from one year's delay in Spain to four years in Greece. The delay in the UK was 2.5 years.

The commission notes that most problems have now been resolved and the outlook is more positive. In general the more "concentrated" the profession, the less the level of qualification differs between member states and the easier the qualification-recognition process becomes. Particular problems have arisen in the tourist trade, among sports instructors and in the public sector. The free movement of workers seems to be most effective among seafarers and workers in health-related professions.

The report emphasises the need for balance between speed and thoroughness. It encourages wider co-operation and recommends cutting the time taken to process recognition requests and reducing the range of compensatory measures available for differences between member states. A code of conduct already exists, which mainly aims to prevent formalities for diploma recognition from being used as an excuse for creating obstacles to the free movement of migrants.

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