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(2004), "Canada", The Electronic Library, Vol. 22 No. 3.



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Compiled by Monica Blake


Canadians more likely to visit humour sites

According to comScore Media Metrix, nearly one in three online Canadians visited Web sites in the Entertainment-Humor category in January, compared to fewer than one in five Americans.

When it comes to finding a laugh online, comScore Media Metrix data indicate that Canadians are far more dedicated surfers than their American counterparts. In January, the average Canadian visitor spent 22 percent more time at the Humor category sites than American visitors. Moreover, Canadian Internet users viewed 57 percent more Humor category pages than their neighbours to the south.

A comparative analysis of visitation to the Entertainment-Humor category by connection type reveals that both American and Canadian visitors to Humor sites are disproportionately likely to have broadband connections at home. While approximately 60 percent of at-home Canadian Internet users access the Web through a broadband connection, a disproportionate 67 percent of Canadian visitors to the Humor category come through a broadband connection. And while home broadband penetration is markedly lower in the USA than it is in Canada, US broadband users are also disproportionately likely to visit entertainment sites.

While Canadians are more inclined to visit comedy sites than Americans, it does seem that citizens of the two countries share a similar sense of humour. In fact, US and Canadian Internet users shared six of their top ten ranked Humor category sites in January. But while was by far the most popular Humor category site among Americans, Canadians preferred by a significant margin.

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