Business research in Southern Africa


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Article publication date: 18 October 2011



Berndt, A. and Svensson, G. (2011), "Business research in Southern Africa", European Business Review, Vol. 23 No. 6.



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Business research in Southern Africa

Article Type: Guest editorial From: European Business Review, Volume 23, Issue 6

This special issue focuses on business research in Southern Africa. As an emerging market, Southern Africa is regarded by many as an economic hub on the African continent, affecting not only the but other economies also. Research conducted in Africa, lessons learned and best practices, against the above backdrop, is not only relevant in today’s context, but also very applicable, as most European and other first world markets are saturated. This makes the research conducted in Africa meaningful to the wider research community. Using Southern Africa as a bench mark will help shape and fine-tune business strategies of companies’ broadening the focus.

This special issue consists of a selection of contributions as follows.

The first paper entitled “Factors that hinder the growth of small businesses in South African townships” co-authored by Boysana Mbonyane and Watson Ladzani of University of South Africa in South Africa. This paper examines factors that could hinder the growth of small businesses in South African townships (i.e. a township which is a Black-dominated urban settlement usually located next to towns or cities).

The second paper entitled “Ethical performance evaluation: an extension and illustration” is authored by Stephen Graham Saunders of Monash University. The purpose of this case study is to evaluate over time the ethical performance of a multinational foods company – Nestlé – operating in a highly dynamic, complex, and often ambiguous environment in a crisis-torn Zimbabwe.

The third paper entitled “Managerial challenges in South Africa” is co-authored by Claude-Hélene Mayer and Lynette louw of Rhodes University in South Africa. This paper describes insights into cross-cultural conflict, identity, and values amongst selected managers within a South African management context.

The fourth paper entitled “Impact of information technology on quality management dimensions and its implications” co-authored by Lai Siu Mane David Lai Wai, Ashley Keshwar Seebaluck, and Viraigyan Teeroovengadum of University of Mauritius in Mauritius. This paper describes the usage of IT in Mauritius to support the various quality management processes through empirical analysis.

The fifth paper entitled “A study of strategic intelligence as a strategic management tool in the long-term insurance industry in South Africa” is co-authored by René Pellissier and J.-P. Kruger of University of South Africa in South Africa. This paper describes the extent to which strategic intelligence is utilised within the South African long-term insurance industry and whether it could be used to identify opportunities or threats within the global environment to remain competitive, create greater innovation, and corporate advantage.

The last paper entitled “Discerning the unique in the universal: the notion of organisation identity” is authored by Christian L. van Tonder of University of Johannesburg in South Africa. This paper sets out to highlight the importance of the organisation identity construct by briefly considering the intellectual development of the organisation identity research field since “emergence”, and introducing previously unreported empirical studies pursued from within the framework provided by organisation identity theory.

We wish that you – the reader of European Business Review – will find the six contributions of this special issue of great intellectual interest and stimulation. We also hope that both scholars and practitioners will find them valuable.

Welcome to the thought-provoking and challenging world of European Business Review!

Adele Berndt, Göran SvenssonGuest Editors

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