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51st AIEST Congress report from workshop I: Growth

Jörn W. Mundt (Berufsakademie Ravensburg Univerfsity of Coop‐erative Education Marienplatz 2 D‐88212 Ravensburg (Germany))

Tourism Review

ISSN: 1660-5373

Article publication date: 1 March 2001



There were two questions the participants of the workshop were to answer against the back‐ground of three presentations. 1. Does tourism actually contribute to the economic growth of a country or region, and if yes, how? 2. What is the role of the state in this context? The three presentations in this workshop dealt with the following topics: The Contribution of Events to Growth in Tourism (Roland Scherer, Franz‐Martin Riklin, and Thomas Bieger; University of St Gall, Switzerland) Rapid Tourism Growth in a Fast Crowing Economy — The Case of Ireland (James Deegan and Donal A. Dineed; University of Limerick, Eire) The Importance of Building up Slovenia's Positive Image as a Competitive Advantage Factor (Maja Konecnik; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) Two of the papers will be considered more closely in this report: The paper on the Lucerne Festival because for some reason it was published only in German in the conference proceedings (pp. 277–301), and Maja Konecnik's presentation on Slovenia's image as it has not been published at all. The second presentation has been published in English in the conference proceedings and can be looked up there in detail (pp. 207–222).


Mundt, J.W. (2001), "51st AIEST Congress report from workshop I: Growth", Tourism Review, Vol. 56 No. 3/4, pp. 27-29.




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