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Can Heavy Duty Oils Increase Bearing Wear?

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

ISSN: 0036-8792

Article publication date: 1 November 1952



It is very rarely that we have published any article which casts any reflection on the advantages of using fully detergent oils. We believe that the advantages are many and that these oils should be used to an even greater extent than they are. In the U.S.A. many motor car manufacturers recommend them for normal use. In this article, which is an abstract of a paper written by one of the Ford Motor Company (U.S.A.) staff, the results of tests on private motor car engines showed increased bearing wear when Heavy Duty oils were used, and especially when used with leaded petrol. Cylinder bore wear was considerably reduced. In spite of this report, as mentioned in our May 1952 issue, according to the Chek‐Chart, Fords recommended, in the U.S.A., Heavy Duty oils for their cars if subjected to abnormally hard driving conditions. It would seem, therefore, that further confirmatory (or probably otherwise) tests are needed.


(1952), "Can Heavy Duty Oils Increase Bearing Wear?", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 4 No. 11, pp. 22-31.




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