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Beryllium Copper in the Aircraft Industry

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 1 August 1941



AN alloy for which many uses are predicted in the aircraft industry is beryllium copper. The best known applications so far are found in instrument parts, beryllium copper being non‐magnetic, and in adjustable‐pitch propeller hub cones and retractable landing gear parts, where good wear resistance is required. The alloy also has possibilities in the working of magnesium. In magnesium working machines must be kept free from chips, tools must be kept sharp, and plenty of lubrication must be provided to avoid fire. Special tools have been designed to keep down friction heat, and they should be used in working with magnesium. These tools have wider clearance angles and their surfaces are smaller than tools used with other materials. The comparatively high hardness and shock resistance of beryllium copper permits it to be used for non‐sparking hand tools such as hammers, chisels, wrenches, wrecking bars, drift pins and scrapers.


(1941), "Beryllium Copper in the Aircraft Industry", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 13 No. 8, pp. 235-236.




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