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British Food Journal Volume 43 Issue 2 1941

British Food Journal

ISSN: 0007-070X

Article publication date: 1 February 1941



A standard wholemeal loaf is now on sale. It is made of flour of 85 per cent. extraction, and the Ministry of Food has arranged with the millers and bakers for the immediate production of both flour and bread in quantities sufficient, it is hoped, to meet all demands. The 85 per cent. extraction of this new national wholemeal flour compares with a figure of 73 per cent. for ordinary white flour, and the new flour will produce a more nutritious loaf. The Ministry of Food is satisfied after research by its experts that 85 per cent. extraction flour provides maximum digestibility and nutriment. Steps will be taken to see that the new bread is available everywhere, and at the same price as white bread. This is now 8d. a 4lb. loaf, and the Government are making a subsidy so that the price shall be kept at this figure. So far, although nearly three months have passed since it was decided to grant the subsidy, the bakers have not received it ; but agreement on the scheme has now been reached between them and the Ministry, which states that an early announcement will be made. Special breads, such as those containing more fat, which are popular in the North, may be sold for more than 8d., but these do not then qualify for the subsidy. The decision to make a standard wholemeal loaf and wholemeal flour available in large supply was taken because it was found that a substantial proportion of the population wanted them. Existing brown breads vary enormously ; the new loaf will be a standard product. Meanwhile, the Ministry is going ahead with its scheme for introducing flour reinforced with manufactured vitamin B1, but this will not be available for some months.


(1941), "British Food Journal Volume 43 Issue 2 1941", British Food Journal, Vol. 43 No. 2, pp. 11-20.




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