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British Food Journal Volume 34 Issue 5 1932

British Food Journal

ISSN: 0007-070X

Article publication date: 1 May 1932



The manufacturer who produces superior products is continually being confronted with the problem of how he can carry conviction to potential purchasers as to the superior quality of his products—a problem which is becoming increasingly difficult. In the present day something stronger than personal asseverations by a firm is required, in order to carry conviction, and independent scientific corroboration as to the quality of a product affords the only solution. The System of Independent Analytical Control and Approval was first started in this country many years ago by the British Analytical Control, Ltd., and the Gold Seal of Approval issued by the British Analytical Control is intended to afford authentic independent evidence in regard to the quality of a product, since it indicates that any product to which it has been affixed is Approved and periodically examined by an independent Scientific Staff consisting of well‐known Public Analysts. The System enables manufacturers and vendors of pure and high‐class products to submit those products to scientific examination, permanently applied, and carried out by an independent Consulting Scientific Staff of the highest standing. The approved products are thus placed before the public with authentic testimony as to their quality. A firm desiring to place an article with the British Analytical Control, Ltd., submits three samples of the article for scientific examination. The samples must be submitted in the unopened original packages, which must be properly labelled and securely sealed. If the results of the scientific examinations show that the composition and characters of the article are such as to justify the conclusion that it is pure, genuine and good in the strictest sense of those terms, the article is approved. A Diploma of Approval is issued upon those products or articles which are approved by the British Analytical Control, and the manufacturers or proprietors of such articles are entitled to use the Gold Seal, Official Label and Certificate of the British Analytical Control in connection with the products so approved. The officers of the British Analytical Control, Ltd., at irregular intervals procure samples of the articles upon which a certificate of approval has been issued, for scientific examination and for the purpose of comparison with the original samples.


(1932), "British Food Journal Volume 34 Issue 5 1932", British Food Journal, Vol. 34 No. 5, pp. 41-50.




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