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The Library World Volume 56 Issue 6

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 January 1955



IF the library scene was not one of spectacular advance in 1954, it showed no significant fallings‐off of service or of public demand for that service. It is curious that almost the last public library news to reach us has been the great success of a new branch library at Tottenham, and the tiny “lines” in the London evening press almost every other day have printed records of issues or other small “news” which show that someone keeps an eye on our doings in at least one part of the library field. If, however, the full history of the year were told it might be found that the greater advance had not been made in public librarianship but in the nonpublic library field. Never before have university, research, special and reference librarians gathered so much and in such enquiring mood; and with as much argument as was formerly the monopoly of the public librarian. This influence has been marked in the L.A. examinations, as a study of questions set in the past few years would amply prove.


(1955), "The Library World Volume 56 Issue 6", New Library World, Vol. 56 No. 6, pp. 101-116.




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