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The Library World Volume 47 Issue 10

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 May 1945



WAR is not over as we write on the threshold of May, but at any time it may be—so far as Europe is concerned; there can, however, be no settled peace, even in Europe for many months; and any rejoicings which occur before the defeat of Japan would be ironical. It is true the air is fuller than ever of plans and projects not a little mixed with doubts and questions. This is so for librarians as for others. The Library Association syllabus is a main object of discussion and the Editor of the L.A. Record did well to devote several pages of last month's issue to making and answering the sort of questions that are current. There is still the doubt in our mind as to the possibility of getting a library teaching service in working which can affect the first examinations of 1946. The London University School shows as yet no sign of movement and it was there, we assumed, that the would‐be directors of library schools in technical colleges were to be “refreshed.” The technical schools or the Library Association have not advertised for tutors. Meanwhile, and possibly prematurely, the L.A. has written to library authorities asking them to adopt and facilitate the training scheme for the service‐men and women by giving them leave to attend whole‐time schools and, where necessary, to aid them financially. We do not know the results but it is clear that such a suggestion can be considered by a local council only in connexion with schemes as a whole of our and other professional bodies. For the time being it would be well for the present teaching activities to be continued. The new syllabus adds to the demands on students; it does not otherwise alter them.


(1945), "The Library World Volume 47 Issue 10", New Library World, Vol. 47 No. 10, pp. 153-168.




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