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The Library World Volume 46 Issue 11

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 June 1944



OUR sympathies are with those who desire the Library Association Council to resume its functions, although we know these cannot be normal in abnormal times. Perhaps June of 1944 is hardly the time to dismiss the Emergency Committee which, whatever its faults, has held the L.A. together and forwarded its best purposes. The invasion of Europe has begun, and before the month is out we hope that the great crusade of liberty will be well advanced. So we can afford to wait a few weeks longer. Indeed, it must take some time to hold elections—even if they are allowed—and there is the present ban on travel which, while it lasts, makes the meeting of any national body futile. Nevertheless, at the earliest possible moment now the Council, renewed if necessary, should assume the direction of its its own house. We believe the work of the Emergency Committee to have been good and its results will be fortified and made productive by the wider influence of the whole Council. In this we hope, indeed we believe, the members of the Emergency Committee, who have borne the burden and met the criticism of five years, are at one with us.


(1944), "The Library World Volume 46 Issue 11", New Library World, Vol. 46 No. 11, pp. 165-180.




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