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The Library World Volume 46 Issue 7

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 February 1944



ESTIMATE time, which is now, is always a time of thought for the librarian. Budgets this year show no general sign of important change, because the country is working in an atmosphere of war‐time prosperity. Economists of the orthodox school advise us that this is temporary and artificial. Possibly so, although they seem to omit the calculation that ought to be made from the fact that the sixteen daily millions go mostly into English or British pockets, thence to British traders and, finally, to British banks in the form of cash or investment. Rates have never before been paid so promptly. The best financial advice we can give is this: if there is some necessary activity to be taken or work to be done, budget for it now. Especially look to your book fund: even though books are scarce, they are expensive. And have no faith in “financial after‐war promises.”


(1944), "The Library World Volume 46 Issue 7", New Library World, Vol. 46 No. 7, pp. 101-116.




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