The go anywhere, fit any shape, temporary kitchen

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(2000), "The go anywhere, fit any shape, temporary kitchen", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 9 No. 3.



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The go anywhere, fit any shape, temporary kitchen

The go anywhere, fit any shape, temporary kitchen

CKS launches the FoldaKitchen

Container Kitchen Systems' new "FoldaKitchen" is probably the most versatile and flexible temporary kitchen ever - it can be folded up and supplied "flat-packed" anywhere, anytime. But its benefits do not stop there - for the first time ever, it allows users to specify the shape of their temporary kitchen, since its "open plan" modular sections can be expanded to fit any area, whatever size or layout.

The "go-anywhere" FoldaKitchen can be transported "flat-packed" by lorry, boat or aircraft - "in the field" it can be loaded onto four wheel drives - and is based around modular panels that lock together. The locking mechanisms' smart design means the panels can be linked to form a rigid structure, yet they are easy to both assemble and take down. Indeed, CKS asserts that most FoldaKitchen designs will take less than four hours to erect on site.

The FoldaKitchen can be tailored to exactly suit the requirements of the customer. All types of cooking equipment are available, from deep fat fryers to combi ovens, many in a choice of manufacturers. The kitchen is also equipped with all services and a choice of gas or electric power.

The ability to create an "open plan" temporary facility gives the FoldaKitchen an important added dimension. Previously, temporary kitchen modules could only be fitted together back to front or side-to-side, so "open plan" options were limited. The FoldaKitchen modules can be linked in both dimensions, and can even be built to fit into asymmetrical areas or around obstacles such as columns.

Charles Collis of CKS, says:

The FoldaKitchen will take temporary kitchens to a new level of transportability ... It was designed as a "go-anywhere" kitchen for the military in the field. However, we're getting lots of interest from commercial customers who see it as a way of getting round difficult access problems, for example.

A large part of the usefulness of the FoldaKitchen comes not just in its advanced design features but also in, for example, a new design of ventilation canopy, also in "flat-pack" form, can be erected and dismantled in around five minutes, and its component parts will even fit through the FoldaKitchen's dishwasher.

The CKS FoldaKitchen can be supplied for a comprehensive variety of applications, including dining, dish wash, prep, washroom, office, still and storage units as well as kitchens. In fact, all applications can be built into one integral FoldaKitchen building, with internal walls separating the various areas as required.

For more information, brochures and details, contact: Container Kitchen Systems direct: Tel: +44 (0) 1483 356781; e-mail:; Web site:

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