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(2000), "EARTHQUAKES", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 9 No. 2.



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EqNET Web site

The recently overhauled EqNET Web site - a comprehensive gateway to earthquake information on the World Wide Web - now includes a special section listing Web sites with information about the recent devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan.

EERI Web site


Within days of the earthquake in Turkey, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) and the Multi-disciplinary Centre for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) despatched a number of researchers to examine the earthquake's impacts. Preliminary findings are reported on the EERI Web site and in MCEER Response: Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake, August 17, 1999, a report available from the MCEER site. The latter paper includes seismological observations; reports on structural, highway, and lifeline damage; analyses of fire and political/social consequences; personal observations; and a bibliography. The MCEER site offers other reports about the quake as well as links to additional information available online. Printed copies of MCEER Response: Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake, August 17, 1999 are available from its editor, Jane Stoyle, c/o MCEER Information Service, State University of New York at Buffalo, c/o Science and Engineering Library, 304 Capen Hatl, Buffalo, NY. Tel: 14260-2200; (716) 645-7791; Fax: (716) 64S-3379; E-mail:

Interaction Web site

Of course there are many other sites on the Web providing information about the recent earthquakes. For a list of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) providing aid in Turkey or Taiwan, see this Interaction Web site.

Incorporated Research Institutions


The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) has put up "special event" Web pages for both the Turkey and Taiwan events. They include links to sites, graphics, seismic data, and general information. Persons with information that they would like to add to these pages should send an e-mail message to webmaster[

United Nations Reliefweb site

The above-mentioned United Nations Reliefweb site provides information from numerous sources about earthquakes and other recent or ongoing complex emergencies.

National Observatory of Athens

Meanwhile, persons interested in the 7 September earthquake that shook Athens, Greece, killed 142 people, and left approximately 100,000 homeless, can find a report on the Web site of the National Observatory of Athens listed above.

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