Yeoman XP1 plots routes on any map

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Yeoman XP1 plots routes on any map

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Yeoman XP1 plots routes on any map

Off-road travellers will never get lost or face the humiliation of having to ask where they are if, along with all the necessary equipment for their journey, they pack a Yeoman XP1, the portable mouse for maps. The device has been developed by the Yeoman Group, specialists at Global Position Systems (GPS)-associated navigation aids who have branched out from the nautical to aid the land-based.

The Yeoman XP1 takes data from a handheld GPS and electronically reads any map to tell you where you are and even how far your have to go to reach your destination - and when you are likely to arrive. The use of the GPS-supplied data means that the navigator operates in any weather conditions and its LCD backlighting allows it to be used in night conditions as well as daytime.

The handheld navigator has been tested in the field for a year and users' advice has been taken into account in launching this user-friendly system on the market.

Anyone with experience of using a two-button computer mouse will find the system easy to use; it only takes a few seconds to connect the plotter to a GPS receiver and begin reading the map on the map holder and interactive pad.

A screen in the centre of the mouse reads off one's exact position using a grid reference or longitude and latitude and by moving the mouse around the map in response to arrows on the screen, the map readers are shown exactly where they are, a small hole in the perspex pointer allowing the position to be spotted with a pencil or pen.

A combination of the system's PathMode ™ navigation system and an easy-to-master system of clicks on the mouse enables the Yeoman XP1 to store the planned route so at any stage of the journey the traveller can confirm the current position and distance or time remaining to the destination.

The manufacturers anticipate the system will not only appeal to the hiker, four-wheel drive off road enthusiast, small boat user or other adventurer. Professionals, such as forestry workers, archaeologists or geologists, whose work takes them away from useful landmarks, will be able to record their position with ease - and as the device weighs only 1.7lb, including the four AA cells, it does not add significantly to one's load.

The Yeoman XP1 has already received international recognition, including nomination as a Millennium Product in the UK and the Award for High Design Quality at Design Innovations '99 at the International Design Exhibition in Essen, Germany.

For further information contact: Will Dobson, Product Specialist Yeoman Outdoor, Premier Way, Abbey Park, Romsey SO51 9AQ, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1794 521079; Fax: +44 (0) 1794 521138; Web site:

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